Efficacy comparison of same level of total formaldehyde from formalin vs DMDM hydantoin

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According to this chart 290 ppm DMDM hydantoin that has 92ppm total formaldehyde in it has the same efficacy as 60 ppm formaldehyde. 
As this data is from supplier, i wanted to ask you
does the same amount of total formaldehyde for example 200ppm from DMDM hydantoin vs from formalin has the same efficacy or formalin is 50% more effective as in this data?

0.115% DMDM hydantoin 55% (200 ppm total formaldehyde)
0.054% formalin ( 200ppm total formaldehyde)


  • If I want to use the following preservatives together in one Cream or Lotion recipe (formula) what will be the ratio or percentages to be used safely:
    DMDM Hydantoin
    Methyl paraben
    Propyl Paraben

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    2500/2000/1000 ppm respectively with EDTA
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