How much silicones to use (liquid and solid bar conditioner)?

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Formulas from swift crafty monkey suggest 2% cyclomethicone and 2% dimethicone for both LIQUID and SOLID BAR conditioners.


The confusion is:

1. With LIQUID, about 10 grams of product is used on shoulder-lenght long hair (at 4% combined silicones, this means 0.4g total silicones are applied to the hair). Im assuming that is enough for achieving the effects these ingredients are supposed to achieve? Is 2% + 2% a high amount in your experience? Is it a low amount?


2. With SOLID BAR, the same person will rub off about 1 gram of the bar onto his/her head. If again 2% + 2% of each silicone are used, then only about 0.04 grams of total silicones were transfered from the bar to the head/hair. This quantity seems insufficient for any effect, but I am guessing.


By this logic, if 2%+2% in liquid was an average and good amount to use, then the bar would need to be 20% + 20% to achieve the same quantity transfered.

What is the minimum % of cyclo and dime respectively, that is usually used in liquid conditioners to achieve an effect? 2%? 0.5%? 1%? 0.2%?
Is a co-ingredient required at that level (I've read that polyquat 10 and cationic guar aid with deposition)? Do you have any data on quantities required in a bar conditioner as well?

I have so far attempted a 10% dimethicone bar conditioner. The product was stable, but judging if there was any effect is hard, so I turn to you.




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