When during shampooing is cationic polymer deposited in hair from Shampoo

Cationic polymer from Shampoo deposit in hair from dilution deposition mechanism.

When is this dilution deposition happening and polymer is deposited?

1. When we apply the shampoo to wet hair and create lather and shampoo is diluted with that water in our wet hair

2. When we are rinsing the lather from our hair


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Upon rinsing the lather from hair, thus the term "dilution-deposition" from the coacervate system.
  • @chemicalmatt is there any specific ratio that with how much water should it be diluted in order to deposit in hair?

    Because some dilution is happening during lathering too. So why not ddeposit then?

    Also, does this chart mean if for example cationic guar is diluted with 2-4 times the amount of water, it deposit the most?

  • @Abdullah the chart shows flocculation and not deposit on hair. The two may be related but deposit on hair depends on other parameters such the electrical charge. 
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