Formulating with Sensitive actives

I am formulating a hyperpigmentation cream using photosensitive actives like Sabiwhite, Pterowhite, Lumiskin, etc. which advise using photostabilisers and adding in the cold phase under 25ºC. What is the best method to add these ingredients in an emulsion while maintaining the activity of the active and ensuring maximum formulation stability. 


  • Have you talked to the suppliers of these actives? I've gotten excellent technical advice by reaching out with questions like these. 
  • Yeah, as @CedarS said. 
    Check with supplier or get their datasheets. You should get all the information from there. How to incorporate into formula, how much, in-vivo efficacy data (for claims) and some formulation tips and more. 

    Some actives are heat sensitive, so you add them <40°C. Some of them are added to oil phase and heated to 80°C, etc. It really depends. 

  • I will do that, thanks @paprik and @cedarS
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