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How are you?  Can anyone suggest a private label cosmetic manufacturer that makes lipstick and lip gloss that are high quality like Yves Saint Laurent?  Thanks so much!


  • You need to realize that there's very little difference between private label manufacturers. What makes YSL or companies similar get considered high quality is the marketing, packaging and the time and energy their team spends on sampling and revising formulas from the manufacturer to cater to the consumers' likes and dislikes. 
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    I agree with beaver - however  I think they differ - at least in service. Some have a good R&D, some not. That can be important if you want customized formulas.
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    I would say that this, like so many other things, follows an 80:20 rule. 20% of the perceived high quality of high-end cosmetics comes from the ability to use, or use more of, expensive functional ingredients, like boron nitride, for example. The other 80% comes from the use of high-quality packaging and the ability to fine-tune the formulation to work perfectly with that packaging, the product presentation, and lots and lots of marketing.

    That being said, I agree with @beaver - any private label manufacturer that can make a mass market lipgloss can easily make a high-end lipgloss - the equipment required is exactly the same. High-end formulas aren't difficult to make, either - they just cost more, as does their packaging.

    How large a run are you looking to have made for you?
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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your help.

    BobZ - Initially we would be looking for 500 of the product.



  • CC7, I can do that. Message me, are you in the US or outside? (We do international as well)
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