Germall plus efficiency

Hey guys, I want to thank you all for your help earlier. I applied your suggestions and I still have some issues that I need your help with.

Is germall plus an effective preservative in a lotion containing sepiwhite. This is the second time I've tried it but each time after a few days the smell starts to change. I've also altered the recipe to see what's wrong.

Water 65.600
EDTA 0.200
Glycerin 3.000
Guar Gum 0.500
Stearic Acid 2.000
Emulsifying wax 4.000
Shea butter 2.000
Oil 8.000
Beeswax 2.000
Germall plus 0.500
Tocopherol 0.500
Rosemary essential oil 0.500
Lavender fragrance oil 0.200
Niacinamide 4.000
Licorice 2.000
Zinc oxide 3.000
Sepiwhite 2.000

These are in percentages


  • Yes it is effective.

    What is the pH? 

    At what temperature do you cook Germall plus? It should not be heated above o think 50°c.
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