Vitamin E to SLOW oxidation in tallow

I would like to know what % of  Vitamin E 50% mixed tocopherols (Vit E MT 50) I should use to slow the oxidation in tallow. 

This tallow will be used in emulsions, to which I add 0.3% of the above Vit E. So, there will be vitamin E  added to BOTH the raw tallow I use in the emulsion AND in the complete emulsion. There will be thus slightly more than 0.3% TOTAL vitamin E in the complete emulsion. 

Though I  store the tallow in the freezer, but it might be there for 2 years or more THUS my wanting to add the vitamin E as described above.

The vitamin E was manufactured Oct. 2021.
I do not have access to other types of anti-oxidants.

Thanks so much for any info!

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