Suitable Chemical That Kills Ticks on Pets

What chemical(s) is suitable to kill ticks and other insects on pets and what is the percentage of it use in pet shapoos and conditioners?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    This type of product in the US is regulated by the EPA and is not considered a cosmetic.  You can learn more about it here.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    'Chemicals' which kill animals are considered drugs and/or pesticides in the EU. However, silicon oils and, less effectively, plant oils will kill arthropodes and are, depending on claims, not neccessarily considered pharmaceuticals.
    Mind, though, oils are much more effective against 'stationary' insects such as lice and will not keep ticks (which are mites, not insects) from stinging (the biologically proper term when they bore their proboscis into the victims skin). The slow death oils inflict on 'settled in' ticks will not only be too late to prevent transmission of certain diseases such as TBE but can actually increase speed and performance of bacterial transmission due to regurgitation/vomiting during death struggle.
    Free lauric acid as can be found in unrefined coconut oil is a tick deterrent... too bad that you'd need to cover a dog in so much coconut oil that it would look like freshly dunked in a deep fryer (guess only few people would appreciate that... sorry for the tasteless joke...).
    Apart from that: Good insecticides are not applied as shampoo or conditioner for so many reasons. Just see a vet if your pet has parasites ;) .
  • Benzyl alcohol good "cosmetic ingredient" can be used, but if you want as pesticide, you can use permethrin
  • amai1amai1 Member
    My dog was a stray and had terrible warts.I do find coconut oil helpful with this but always on the look out for other solutions to help.
  • Benzyl alcohol good "cosmetic ingredient" can be used, but if you want as pesticide, you can use permethrin
    Be aware that Benzyl alcohol is quite toxic to cats, it's not great for other animals either but especially cats:
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