De-Ionizing water

Please give your thoughts on whether or not to de-ionize distilled water before using it in cosmetics.  Is there a reason not to do it, if you can?



  • Deionization will help preservative
  • GordofGordof Member
    it is not Necessary to De Ionize distilled water. If it is Destilated water it already is free of all Minerals etc. Bacterias should although be killed to the fact that the water was boiled to distillate it.

    You can put it through a Filter in your Company if you find some Bacteria in it but overall it is the best Producing water you can get from my point of view. 
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  • PhilGeisPhilGeis Member, Professional formulator
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    Bacteria can grow in distilled water and filtration is unlikely to help.
    As with any ingredient, quality is the responsibility of the maker and should be data based.
  • How about just boil the distilled water, then cool it down to room temperature before using it in formulating 
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