Which combo is better? Face+body wash or hair+body wash

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I am making two new cleansing products.

A) SLES/CAPB/APG 10/2/2% total 14% surfactant and 0.3% Amodimethicone

B) SLES/CAPB/APG(lauryl Glucoside) 4.5/0.75/0.75%  total 6% surfactant+ 0.2% cationic guar.

A is shampoo and B is facewash. I want advertise and sell one of them as body wash too.(shampoo+body wash or face and body wash).

6 people have used both of them and said both of them produce enough foam as a body wash.

My questions are 

1. Is 6% surfactant at ratio mentioned above enough as a body wash?

2. Which one is better suited as body wash combo? 
Shampoo+body wash with 14% surfactants
Or face and body wash with 6% surfactants
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