Why no fatty alcohols in W/O emulsions....

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Due to my naivety, I formulated a 150 gm batch of a cream deodorant using Cithrol PGTL w/o emulsifier and included (as is my routine) some behenyl alcohol (1%).

When I ran this by my consulting chemists.... it generated a reaction.  :o

So I guess a couple of questions....  For those familiar with commercial w/o formulas....are they all essentially devoid of fatty alcohols?  And if so.... Why?

One consulting chemist made the following statement: "...there is nothing which would contradict the usage of fatty alcohols in w/o emulsions. There are reasons why they are beneficial to add and scientific studies (the real stuff, not cosmetic journals) showing that they increase performance of different emulsifier systems. Don't ask me why nobody in cosmetics uses fatty alcohols in their products, maybe it's a feel thing or long term stability? I do use them but my products are so far not matching expectations... due to the absence of fatty alcohols in commercial w/o products I'm a bit scared that it might be due to them." 

Are there some far reaching (stability) ramifications of using fatty alcohols in w/o's?  Keep in mind, I am using a low rate, 1%, so not creating much of a lamellar effect.  Or is the reason haptics?

While on the topic....what about gum's in w/o's...any thoughts?

For those that have used Cithrol PGTL....what are your impressions...and what products did you create where you felt it had the most impact?

Aloha, and Thank you for your thoughts.

Deo Cream: 

Fingerprint in the middle is to show viscosity.  :) 
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