Pearlizer worked once but not now. What are my mistakes?

First of all i am using a product 28% SLES+ EGDS that i will call pearlizer below. I don't know and the supplier also don't reveal the amount of EGDS in product. (any idea how much it would be?)

Several months ago for first time i made a Shampoo sample with 8% pearlizer and it was a perfect pearl shampoo. I didn't record the method, only the amount of ingredients. But Because of cost i didn't use that in my products.

Recently i wanted to make a pearl shampoo too so again i tried but even with 12% pearlizer and everal samples i couldn't get a good pearl effect. 

My formula and procedure of one sample that didn't give good result. The order of addition is the way i have listed them.
Sample size was 500g and after adding each ingredient i mixed them with stick blender.

This same amount of pearlizer did make a pearlized shampoo like big brands the first time i made it several months ago but this time it had almost no effect.

EDTA 0.2%
Cationic guar 0.2%
Citric acid 0.25%
CAPB  1.3%  AS
Lauryl Glucoside  1.3% AS
SLES 7.6%  AS
Xanthan gum  0.2% mixed with 0.3% fragrance and then added
Pearlizer 8% 
Formalin 0.15%
NACL 0.7%  enough viscosity

pH 4-4.5
The product temperature during work was room temperature. 

what is my mistake here that it didn't work and what should i do to make a good pearlized product?



  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
    edited December 2021
    The one in right is same formula with 8% pearlizer and the one in left without pearlizer but with 1% Amodimethicone macro emulsion

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