Equipment Supplier Recommendations

We are looking for equipment supplier recommendations.  Until this point we have purchased from Chinese manufacturers - but are getting tired of equipment break-downs with insufficient technical support.  

Is there a North American supplier for general cosmetic equipment as listed below? Thank you in advance!  
  • Mascara - semi-automatic filling machine  - no heat needed, but pressure for thick paste injection
  • Lip Gloss - semi-automatic filling machine - heated tank
  • Lipstick - manual heated tank filling machine
  • Cream & Lotion filling machine - semi-automatic
  • Tube sealing machine 
  • Water - reverse osmosis water treatment machine 
  • Homogenizer - 20 gallon and 50 gallon heated tank with homogenizer 


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    I know of no OEM in America that supplies all of those machines. Best bet is to try the resellers such as Equipnet, Federal Equipment, Loeb Equipment, Aaron Equipment, etc. You can also get outstanding deals at auctions via websites such as   Good luck!
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