Expiration of chelators and BHT?

Hello people,

    I am skeptical of BB dates of ingredients, since a seller is motivated to SELL, not to necessarily be truthful, if it means lost sales, SO here are my questions:

  I have some sodium phytate, that according to the original package expired 6 months ago. This item is currently in a dark brown plastic bottle that used to have vitamin D tablets in it (if this needed info.). It was always kept in our coolish basement. SHOULD I DISCARD IT, since it's supposedly expired?

    Disodium EDTA: does it need to be discarded if it's old? Again, I sadly do NOT know what its expiration date is/was. This info. is hard to obtain from re-packers of cosmetics ingredients, sadly.

   Tetrasodium EDTA: same question as directly above. 

   I also have some BHT. I never did know its expiration date. It is in a glass jar, in a cardboard box, cool basement. The crystals are YELLOW. They do form clumps, but I just break them up before weighing it out.  I don't recall if it  was yellow when I got it. SHOULD THIS BE DISCARDED?


  Thanks so much for any advice you can provide. 


  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    Yes, best practices will dictate that you destroy "expired" or "outdated" materials. It is that simple.
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  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    If it's for personal use only, then you may use EDTA and phytate longer, considerably longer. However, excess stock you're not going to use for a while is best kept in the fridge or even freezer.
    BHT is an antioxidant and tends to degrade over time tuning from colourless and transparent to a deep yellow and later orange/red/brown. Best to not use it even if a small percentage of oxidised BHT suffices to turn it visibly yellow.
  • Thanks for the help people!  I shall sadly have to throw out my stuff...sigh...

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