Stable cream base

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Hi esteemed chemists here, i have made an experimental cream using this base, its thick and smooth in texture. But am worried if the PEG 75 LANOLIN may be comedogenic and lead to breakouts. I welcome views and suggested swaps, ommissions or adjustments on any of the ingredients. 
Thanx .
Cetyl alchol 2%
Glycerol mono  steatate (GMS) 3%
Stearic acid 3%
PEG 75 LANOLIN  0.5%
Glycerin 3%
Propylene glyco 1%
Triethanolamine (TEA) 0.2%
Mineral oil/ liquidum paraffinum 3%
Petrolatum or micro wax 1%
Distilled water 82.3% ( or less by the percentage of actives i will use later)
Polyxethanol 1%


  • Maybe at 100%. But at 0.5% not
  • Thank you Abdullah, any other comments on that formular?
  • Preservative is not enough. And i think you don't have emulsifier 
  • @AZIZ_KALUNGI256 Not sure 0.2% of TEA would be enough to neutralize Stearic acid to make it work as emulsifier. Also, phenoxyethanol is not a broad spectrum preservative (you might want to add Sodium benzoate, and EDTA to boost your preservative system). 
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