soap 100% Olive oil

Dear all,
calcium carbonate is recommended to harden a 100% olive oil soap.
Is there another substituent.
Is there a method to measure the hardness of soap.
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  • Olive oil soap is very hard, not sure why you would want to measure hardness.
    Use a small amount of sea salt in the water before adding the lye ( 0.8g/oz of water)
    Keep water to a minimum; you want to use a ratio of 25-30 percent water to oil weight.
    You need to mix with a stick blender until it has the consistency of heavy cream.
  • Dear Syl,
    the hardness of 100% olive oil soap is around 17.
    While for a hard soap, the hardness should be between 29 and 54.
    This is why I am looking for an adjuvant other than salt which plays the role of thickening soap.
    Your opinion is valid, I think, when the moisture content of the soap does not exceed 10%
    At high humidity, the soap is soft.
  • Hi Tyss, you are referring to soapcalc. I rely on their software too to calculate my ratios, but I am not convinced that their soap rating is the bible. If you buy olive oil soap that has been cured for 6 months, you will notice that it is rock hard. I make some on a  regular basis with 25% water, which I unmold in 2 days. I cure for 2 months and it performs as well ( not melt in the shower) as a blend that rated on Soapcalc at 40 for hardness.  You can also use sodium lactate instead of salt.
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