does sodium chloride cause of hair loss in shampoo

I am using sodium chloride 1.2 wt% in Shampoo to increase viscosity of Shampoo. Some customers are complaining about hair falling.
Is it due to sodium chloride in Shampoo? 
Does sodium chloride salt cause of hair loss? 
What is the recommended concentration of sodium chloride salt in Shampoo? 
Please give your opinion as soon.
Thank you. 
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  • No it doesn't cause hair loss. 

    I use 2% and it is completely fine.

    The hair loss may be from another ingredient in your shampoo or not from your shampoo and from something else that those customers are using. 
  • I think salt doesn't cause of hair loss but it can make your hair more tangled. If you want to know how much salt must be added in your formula for increasing viscosity, you can trial with salt curve method (optimum dosage for salt).

    In my formula (SLES based), i just need 0.10-1.00% of salt concentration to get high viscosity about 7.000-10.000 cps
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