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I make gentle solid shampoos for adults and pets. I would like to modify those and create something for children.
Are there any regulations I need to follow in the US regarding body care for children other than the FDA labeling law? Does the EU have regulations?

I am especially concerned with the use of fragrances, essential oils, and dyes? SCI has a strong unpleasant odor, is it possible to mask it?  Other mild powder surfactants do not have pleasant odors either.  I wonder why the sensitive skin Dove bar does not smell bad?
Ingredients: SLI, Stearic acid, lauric acid, sodium oleate, water, sodium isethionate, sodium stearate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, sodium laurate, tetrasodium etidronate, tetrasodium EDTA, NaCl, Kaolin, or Titanium Dioxide. 




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    Formulating for Pets and Children are quite similar endeavours.  Best you avoid all fragrances, essential oils, dyes in products for children (and Pets) as their skin can be more sensitive than adults.

    From a regulatory perspective in the US, formulating personal care products for children is the same regulatory set as for adults.  It's more common sense that you use more gentle ingredients for children compared to adults.

    Perhaps the shape of your mold is something you could consider in developing solid shampoo products for children, plus a bit of an approved colorant.
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    See website for details
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