High shear vs low shear mixer for big batch shampoo

AbdullahAbdullah Member
edited October 2021 in Formulating
The ingredients i use in shampoo are SLS, SLES, CAPB, APG, silicone emulsion and polymers thickened with NACL. I make them in Cold process without heating them as it is not necessary. For making samples it work well even by mixing with teaspoon. In big batches +200kg if i mix them with inline homogenizer it works well. If i mix them with low speed agitator the the final quality is not as good as mixing by inline homogenizer. It is like as if they are not properly mixed or grainy type.

Is this because of mixing time and i need to mix them for longer or something else?

How do you mix your big batches? High shear or low shear?

If low shear then what batch size and mix it for how long?
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