Does pH of shampoo effect the deposition of Amodimethicone from Shampoo

If we use Amodimethicone in shampoo without cationic polymers, does pH of shampoo effect how much Amodimethicone deposit on hair? 

I mean difference between pH 5 and pH 4.

Recently i made two sample of shampoo with 0.3% Amodimethicone conditioner without cationic polymers. One at pH 4 and another at pH 5. The combing and hair feel after the shampoo at pH 4 is better compared to the one at pH 5. 

Shampoo is SLES/SLS/CAPB/APG with Amodimethicone emulsion (0.3% silicone)


  • Low pH will organize you hair cuticle in closed form, also more cationic surfactant deposition
  • @ariepfadli what about Amodimethicone deposition as it is not surfactant? 
  • Amino head act as anchor to anion protein side of keratin fiber on cuticle, same with cation side on cationic surfactant

    This moety wil protonated depend on pH , more acidic , more protonated cationic side, and will higher deposition on anionic site on keratin/cuticle
  • Thanks Ariepfli
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