Beta glucan help

Hello ,

 I am starting a new  moisurizer (aqua only) formulation with powder mushroom beta glucan as main ingredient .

Any tips on maximum usage ? I seen from 0.1 to 5%.

  Also what other ingredients can work along Betaglucan ? I seen sodium PCA .


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  •  a lot, depend what you need, fo only moiturizer try add pca, d panthenol, etc and 
    another humectant like glycol derivative, and dont forget small amount preservatives
  • Thx you
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    To provide you helpful answers you'll have to tell us what other ingredients are in your formula. Also, what do you hope the Beta Glucan will do in your formula?
  • Moisurizing , anti inflamatory . We are only using glycol, preservation and chelator .
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    In this anti-wrinkle study, the researchers used a 0.5% solution of beta glucan and claim to see some results.

    In truth, once you start mixing in a bunch of different ingredients like glycols, sodium PCA, or other anti-aging materials, it all starts to become redundant making most of your ingredients superfluous. 

    If you want to highlight beta glucan as your star ingredient, make it your star ingredient. Don't add a bunch of other things that will simply compete with the effectiveness of the material.

    Of course, if your goal is to make the best performing product, then I would suggest a different approach.
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