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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tony. I've been lurking on the CC forum for a few months while drawing up a one-man foundation makeup business, and am now ready to strike out into formulation. I've a bachelor's degree in chemistry, and a desire for pigmented silicone emulsions, but no experience to speak of. Thanks to the forum-goers for sharing their knowledge, which has been invaluable so far; I hope one day to do the same.
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  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Massimo. I’ve been following this forum and chemist corner for a while now and have just plucked up the courage to join. I have lived in the US for the past 20 years, working as an IT professional. I returned to my homeland of Australia a couple of years ago and accidentally found myself working on making a skin lotion (yeah, don't ask!). In hind site it wasn’t really formulating, the boss had no idea what he was doing, even though he had a Chemistry degree (no offense to anyone). However, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try and make the lotion for myself and created a formula for personal use. I don’t profess to be a formulator or cosmetic chemist, I just want to learning as much as I can and formulate the right way.

  • Hi!My name is Idha and I'm from Sweden. I work as a building engineer, mainly with renovations of listed buildings. Anyway, I spend all my free time making homemade cosmetics, soaps etc and I want to learn more.
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    Hello all!
    I am Anita and I am from Bulgaria:)
    I am quite passionate about making and formulating cosmetics, I am 1st year in University in Cosmetoc science but without chemiatry background. For now I am working in the sphere of marketing , but will try to be in the sphere of formulating soon :)
  • Hey! My name is Danielle! I am working on my MS in Chemistry, currently holding a BS in Chemistry. I look forward to working in the cosmetic industry in the very near future. But now I am enjoying my education journey.
  • Hello everyone,

    I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and thought it was time I got involved.

    I currently work as a formulation chemist for a global FMCG company, with past experience as an analytical chemist.

    My work focuses on new materials - particularly preservative systems - in existing formulations and their effect on stability.

    I look forward to getting involved with you all :)

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    Hi My name is Jo and I am very interested in creating my own foundations.
    I have already copied a number of formulations and more recently one of my favourites.It is so interesting and am finding so much out.Thanks for welcoming me and I hope I can contribute and help as well.
  • Hi My name is Bob and I am from New Jersey. I am hoping to start a second career working in a cosmetic chemistry lab. I have a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Monmouth University and for the past thirty years have been teaching high school chemistry. Where I live I am surrounded by cosmetic and flavoring firms and hope to start a second career working in the industry. 

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  • Hello, I am Petra. I am a chemist. I worked in color chemistry during the recent years and as a cosmetics formulation chemist in Germany about 15 years ago. Now I am back into formulating in the US.
  • Hello, I'm Sandeep, Nice to meet you, Everyone!
  • I’m Susan, new to the fascinating world of creating cosmetics. I have a medical condition which could possibly be helped with a topical medication. When the compounding pharmacy couldn’t come up with a suitable product right away, I began reading and experimenting on my own.  That lead me to this forum. 
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  • Hello everyone,


    My name is Piotr. I work in R&D department in pharmaceutical company located in Poland. I have M.Sc in pharmacy and cosmetic technology. I've been working as formulator from 4 years. I'm most familiar with emulsions, hydrocolloids and cleansing products in area of cosmetics and medicinal products.

    I'm glad to be here.

  • Hi everyone, thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I am lurker who finally decided to join. I am a homeschool mom who helps her husband with his I.T Business and doing "nerdy" things.?
    I started learning to formulate because my youngest child is allergic to Shea butter which is in practically everything. I look forward to interacting with you all.
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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Omar and I am a sciences student from Spain training myself in cosmetic science. I would like to learn many things here from all of you!!!
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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Bima, I'm from Indonesia. I work in Product Development dept in cosmetic & personal care industries, with past experiences as chemist at flexible packaging manufacture also as a chemist at Pharmaceutical Industry, so I'm new to the cosmetic formulation. Currently, i'm studying to got my BEng in chemical engineering. I'm interested to cosmetic and perfumery development, because I believe that cosmetic and perfume is the art of life for us.
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    Thank You Perry! I was not a part of the previous forum but i’m glad to be a part of this one, my name is Josh. I’ve worked in the cosmetic industry about 7 years now. I have interest in starting my own few products and could use some specific help in some key information to develop them as i’m not as experienced as everyone else. I’d just like to say, thanks for giving us the time you have to teach us. It’s much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.
            - J2
  • Hello all!
    I am Kevin and I am from Australia (of French origins) :)
    I am a material scientist (polymer and polymer chemistry background). I have had to "formulate" a few things in the past in the lab to modify the wicking dynamics of products (but I am not an expert!). Currently I am in the hygiene sector and I am looking at surface chemistry / wicking behaviour of hygiene products. I am here to learn a bit more about formulation in general as I find there is a lot of overlap with what I do (material science / surface science). Great to be part of this community.
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    Hi! Thank you for adding me! 
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    Good day

    I am Sne; working as Process controller in the nitrogen and gas plant. 

    I joined this group to to learn more about cosmetics formulation. I do make natural skincare products but wants know more about testing of preservatives.
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    Hello All!

    I've been passionate about cosmetic chemistry since I was a young chemistry student. I am working (as a researcher) in a midwestern university (I was born and raised in Italy) on totally unrelated stuff. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that my partner and I started making things at home. We started our journey with soapmaking until I re-discovered the cosmetic chemistry rabbit-hole, and consequently increased expenditures for ingredients. 
    As of now, we do try to keep it as simple as we can and make cleansers and moisturizers, both water-based and anhydrous, for our own personal use... 

    I am looking forward to learning a big deal from the forum (as I already have, in past lurking period).
  • Hello, I'm doctor Tyto from Syria. Although of hard conditions because of war in my country , but a group of technicians  and me still work well  along 30 years , during the war and now to make something different and wonderful in the region of cosmetics  
  • Hello everyone.
    I m Gaurav from India. Currently i have my own business. manufacturing of surface coating ( paints ) and also dealing in chemicals of detergent, water treatment & cosmetic chemicals . 
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    Hello, I'm a chemical engineer from South Africa working for a company making industrial cleaning products as well as some hand sanitizers. I'm responsible for production as well as formulation of our products.
    I am most interested in learning (and later using) the roles of different raw materials together with how and why some can replace others, since I don't have a lot of experience in formulating yet.
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    Hi I am Sam. I am a cosmetic scientist since 2009. I used to work in France ( mainly hair care products)  and UK ( toiletries) but I recently moved back to Martinique ( regulatory and hair care) . I would like to become a consultant but for now I am still learning about cosmetic formulation. 
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  • hi i am a medical laboratory scientist from Zimbabwe trying to start small business in household dertergents and some hair care products and hence intrested in learniing as i dont have exprience in formulation
  • Hi all, 
    I've been an avid reader of this forum for quite some time now. It's been very useful to read all of your contributions. 

    I'm Ambaro, from Sydney Australia. I have no formal training in chemistry, but have over several years, learned everything I know online. 

    I am most interested in haircare particularly ethnic/curly hair and skin care. I would like to challenge myself in making haircare and skincare that is trailered to my needs (there is shortage here in Australia) and seeing where that leads me. 
    Thank you all for being so generous with your time knowledge. 
  • Hello everyone :) ,
    I'm Pera Lela and I've been studying and formulating for both hair care and skin care for over 15 years. In a few months I'll start working in a new laboratory dedicated to cosmetic raw materials research. Today I've find out ChemistsCorner and I'm glad to be part of this community.
  • Hi, I’m Susan from the USA. I have no chemistry background but I have been making soaps, lotions, creams, balms, etc for about 4 years. I may not have much to offer here but I hope to learn a lot. I have outgrown the “handcrafted” sites and book and want to challenge myself a bit more. 
    ‘Thank you for allowing me to join.
  • Hello guys!

     I am brand new to the business and I just graduated a few months ago from University of California Riverside. I am doing research and development for a private business at the moment. Looking forward to interacting and learning so much from everyone here!

  • Hello all! I am a new formulator, based in Canada. I have a B.Sc degree majoring in chemistry, but have not been formulating for very long. I am interested in all types of natural cosmetic and cleaning products. I became interested in joining this community after attending an online webinar with Perry regarding stability testing. I have joined this forum to learn, and become a better formulator. I hope I will be able to contribute my own advice to others as well.
  • Hi, am pam from Nigeria.My formal education is not in chemistry or cosmetics, but I have been Educating myself  from internet resources and trial and error. Formulating is fascinating! I look forward to learning more from this Forum. Thanks all.
  • Hi everyone! My name is Ntombi from South Africa. I’ve been lurking in these streets for a while now and have gathered immense knowledge here. I have no formal qualification in chemistry but have several years experience in formulating and manufacturing personal care products. Looking forward to picking brains and contributing.
  • Hello frnds,
                 I am Yogesh Patil from India.I am oil,fats technologists,but now from last year I am working in R & D of cosmetics.I am working currently in skin care products formulation,its stability and performance testing,evaluation.Thanks perry for guide us about cosmetics basics.
  • Hi All,

     I have been making natural hair products for myself and my children for about 2 years now. Always in small batches to be used same day or within a relatively short period of time. Recently, after seeing the results on our hair, family has asked that I make products for them and they have suggested I make products to sell. I don’t possess a degree in anything remotely close to chemistry (I hold a BS in psychology and a MBA) so I’m researching safe ways to preserve my products for extended shelf life and safe use. At this point I am completely overwhelmed so I hope this forum will provide me with guidance in areas I lack understanding. I hope to learn a lot!
  • Hello I'm Rick from USA.  I worked for 7 years for one of the major solvent and surfactant suppliers.  I have a BS in chemical engineering and a minor in business.  I have worked with formulators for several years, but I would like to develop some of my own formulations and understand more about the decisions that are made by the formulators I work with.
  • Hi all. I’m Mervin. I have a BS in chemical engineering. I have formulated my own dishwashing liquid a few years back. I’m now in the process of developing my own cleaning chemical line. I hope to learn from you guys. I will try to contribute as much I can to help the community. 
  • Hello everyone.

    I just joined the forum.
    My background is extremely varied.
    I  started out in the paper industry,then moved to industrial sales,calling on large manufacturing companies,then developed new types of armor for the police and military.
    I worked overseas in mostly Islamic countries.
    I developed explosive suppression technologies to protect buildings and vehicles from car bombs and road mines.
    I then moved to water treatment technologies in the U.S. and overseas to clean industrial pollutants from drinking water.
    I currently develop severe service industrial coatings for the petro-chemical industry in Texas.
    Recently I was asked by some show horse equestrian groups to develop a new nature based horse shampoo!
    I know next to zero about horses,but chemistry is great fun, and the horse people seem to like the results of this new formula.

  • Hie everyone, I am haroon,i am from Pakistan,i have interest  in cosmetic things and also interested  in shampoo.
  • Hi, I'm Rob.
    I have been making soaps for a while now and have enjoyed it so much I recently signed up as a trainee formulator studying for a diploma in natural skincarehave. I have been on it for about 6months and loving it.
    Thanks for all the information you post and all the help you give people. Thanks
  • Hello to all, i am Arturo, from Mexico.
    I have a MS in chemical engineering, and i was working in different kind of industries: food, agrochemical, and the last 2 years in hotel ammenities factory focused in soap manufacturing from soap noddels. Currently i am in a new project to develop all hotel ammenities for the gues since formulation to factory design and startup. i know thet i am in the right place to learn more about formulations.
    Thank you all.
  • Hi all,
    I have a background in chemistry, and my dream is to develop my own line of skin care using nature-inspired ingredients (safely and effectively, of course).  I've been blending for personal use for quite some time, but understand that scaling up to a commercial level involves its own unique set of challenges, from formulating to regulations, and am hoping to learn from everyone here.  Hopefully I can contribue to others' learning as well.
    Thanks and nice to "meet" you all!
  • Unknown Member, PCF student
    I’m Shannon Buck from Seattle. I am super excited to be here learning from all the experts! I write a beauty blog about home crafting your own skincare and cosmetics. I also wrote the book  “200 Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Natural Beauty” in 2014. I am a certified aromatherapist and teach a few classes about essential oils for the continuing education department at a college in Seattle. My goal is to learn as much as I can about professionally formulating using natural ingredients and translate that into projects that can be done at home by my blog readers. 
  • Hi there I’m Scarlett
      So happy that I found this platform and willing to learn and share about cosmetics.
      I’m from Hong Kong and since I was 12 I addicted to cosmetics. From buying and playing around with cosmetics to studying chemistry and biology in high school, and now I’m a year 3 student studying cosmeceutics in Taiwan.
      I’m more to a user/costumer side about cosmetics than industry but I’m digging into it as that’s what I’m learning in university.
      I want to be a makeup artist or a beauty consultant with loads of accurate knowledge that can help my clients to be prettier. Also having my own cosmetics line is my dream.
  • Hello,
    My name is Donna. I am a hairstylist and salon owner. I’ve been working on making my own small line of hair products. 
    I am eager to learn more. 
  • Hello,

    My name is Alicia. I studied Nutrition at SFSU and am currently studying to become an Herbalist. I have very acne prone sensitive skin and learned very early on after various eczema/rash breakouts and multiple visits to a dermatologist, that I cannot use most of the conventional or "natural" products out their.

    Being someone who is obsessed with research I have spent the last 2-3 years researching skincare ingredients and skin physiology and currently make most of my own skincare and makeup, with the major exception of sunscreen (im not stupid). In the past year, I decided to finally create my own Skincare and Wellness brand focusing on simplicity and "clean" effective ingredients. I am currently still in the formulating stage and wanted to join this discussion group to learn more about formulating and possibly share some of the mistakes I have made along the way.

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Yoyin and i have been DIY-ing my own skin care products for a bit.  Looking to learn more about formulations and contributing my 2 cents to the discussions on this forum.

    Thanks for all the sharing.
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