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  • Hi all! I'm Amaris from Canada. I've been a soap maker for about three years, and now I'm venturing into home crafting of skin care products. I'm a scientist by education - MSc in geography - so my expertise is in Earth science, but I have an okay knowledge of chemistry. I suppose I got into this because I have very fickle skin and hair, because there are so many more options than soap, and of course what is more fun than doing chemistry experiments in your kitchen!?

    I've been reading this forum for quite a while, so it's exciting to get to participate now!
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    hi all! My name is charis, i studied chemistry in the university of Athens, Greece and now i am interested in cosmetic formulation.... Hope all have fun and share our experiences!
  • Hello, I'm Julio from southamerica. I work in cosmetics and i'm new at this, so i hope to learn here with your help. Excuse my english, and greetings to you all
  • Hello everyone. Thanks for aproving my membership. Skin care is my hobby. Although I don't sell, I like to make safe and effective products for my friends and family.

    I was in packaging for a little over 20 years so I'm quite familiar with the graphics, printing, folding cartons, etc.

    My next 20 years I hope to spend as a nurse. I am currently in college to achieve that goal. In fact, I started formulating so I could better grasp chemistry.

    I'm a grandmother 11x, enjoy camping, reading and creating.

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    Hi, I'm Sandy. I have a small skincare line and have only been formulating for a couple of years.  I am eager to learn from the pros!!
  • Hello All, I am new to this Forum. I am from India. Hope for support of all yours. 
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  • hi everyone
  • Hi, my name is Kent and I'm from Vancouver BC. I know absolutely nothing about chemistry but have a desire to start a natural skin care products Company that is affordable for the masses. I've learned so much already but it is quite daunting so I'm so glad that I found Perry and his site and forum. I thought it would be easy, not sure why but trying to find a natural preservative that is truly natural is one of the things I'm looking for as it seems to be difficult to come by, or maybe not. Shows what I know/don't know. Starting down the long road There looks to be so many awesome people on here. I will probably ask stuped questions as well but they say there's no such thing as a stupid question, so I'm going to use that as my rationale. Thanks again Perry et al for all wonderful topics and I look forward to learning and growing.
  • I spent some time over the weekend reading through about a year of discussions to familiarize myself wit . This forum is a marvelous resource. It has already helped me ID what I do well and where I can improve.

    Bonus: more of my chem class makes sense. 
  • Hello,

    I'm Joe Sharp I work in the UK for a Cosmetic Testing Laboratory specializing in Stability testing. I'm looking to gain more experience and knowledge on formulating and cosmetic science as I am relatively new to the industry. I am also looking at starting up my own men's cosmetic brand and welcome any advice from people who are willing to help.

    I'm currently studying the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science and am looking to network with people within the industry. I look forward to learning from this site and meeting new people

    Kind Regards,


    (Please find me on Linkedin)

  •  Thank you for letting me join the group. I have been in the cosmetic, glass, and plastic manufacturing side for over 25 years. I would like to offer a service to small run cosmetic packagers. We produce digital heat transfer with photo quality resolution along with with run capabilities down to as small a quantity as one label! We can also offer contract decorating for small runs with quick turnaround being our specialty. For further information please see our website or give me a call.
    I hope we can help out with your needs.

    Tom Murdock

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  • Hi all. My name is Kawina. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur in several industries. I've had my fair share of home runs and miserable failures. My current venture sells products in the Health & Beauty category of marketplaces such as Amazon. Not all products are necessarily cosmetics, but are related.
  • Hello! I'm a professional makeup artist and I love to learn about how things are made (in general not just with makeup), and I'm interested in learning how to make some of my own cosmetics just for fun and personal use :)
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    Welcome to all our new members!  Feel free to start a discussion and participate in any of the ones that are already going on.
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    first, thank you for your accepting perry , I'm chimist and i'm very intersting in the cosmitic formulation.
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    I'm Johnb. I'm very old but have considerable experience in our industry having worked for Unilever, Paterson Zochonis and was Chief Chemist at a French Perfumery House for more than ten years- that's after initially working ten years in scientific research for the UK government.

    Old, maybe, but my brain still works (even if the body is a bit decrepit) and I hope to be able to make some useful contribution to the group.

    My expertise is in deodorants and antiperspirants, fragrances, skincare and small molecule topical pharmaceuticals. I have also worked in a number of other areas that involve fragrances including I&I, air fresheners and so on.

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    @Johnb, welcome to the old-and-decrepit chemists group here - there are only a few of us. Your expertise is appreciated by us all.
    Robert Zonis, Sr. Formulation Chemist, Beaumont Products "All opinions and comments expressed are my own, have no relation to Beaumont Products, are fully copyrighted, and may not be used without written permission."
  • Hello Everyone.
    Thank you for adding me to this amazing group. 

    For the last 10 years I've been a shipping and receiving manager (driving counterbalance and reach trucks) with a vision of selling my own makeup. 
    I love cosmetics- makeup, perfume, nail polish, etc, but I don't have a clue as to where to start making my own formulas.  I would love to start making lipsticks, glosses and eyeshadows.  I don't mind doing the work myself. There's nothing like learning first hand.  :-) 

    If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me at She1one@hotmail. 

    Again thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing group. 

  • Or you can email me here on Chemistscorner. 
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    Welcome to the forum!
  • Hi all wherever you  may be, my name is Ameen from Algeria (North Africa), retired French language teacher and my spouse  is a General practitioner at the main hospital.

    We are into handmade soap making (gel soap using KOH, liquid soap from the diluted gel soap, soap bars using NaOH). I have made some simple creams. I am educating myself and now reading Perry's Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry.

    I have exchanged a few mails with late Maurice Hevey through another cosmetic website (RIP Maurice), I am trying to get a better knowledge about simple products formulating.

    What drove me to this field is seeing people suffer from using products made of the harshest chemicals on their skin. These products come mainly from China and with the total absence of controles when the goods hit the Algerian borders, this rang a bell in my head and encouraged me to think about offering milder products, made inland hoping to offer some skin comfort to some  of  the people.

    I gladly help with any translation to/from French freely and with a smile.
    Perry thank you for accepting me in your group and hope to join your course.

    Bless you all

  • Hello,
    I'm Wolf, located in Delaware USA. I have over 25 years of experience selling and supporting tube fillers, bottle fillers and blister machines. Our primary business is machine sales, parts and service support. We recently launched a division to provide tube filling and bottle filling services.  I'm now looking to learn more about the other side of this exiting industry, the formulation and the manufacturing process. 
    I'm hoping I can contribute as much information as I have already learned  browsing through the discussion forum. 
    I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and information with you all.


  • hi i am dina. i am a pharmacist who really want to become a cosmetic chemist, and my dream is to make my own cosmetic industry in indonesia. I am really happy that i can find this website. Right now i am working in natural cosmetic industry as a quality control 
  • Hi all,

    Welcome Wolf, welccome Dina.

    Att: Perry, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and helpful website and also for allowing us to join it.

    I am a bit confused about whether to tell a member here publically that they got a PM  in their box or just send a PM to them and hope  they will check their box.

    I don' t want to break any rules or ethics that are  the  policy of this site.

    Thanks anyone that can shed some light on this and erase my  confusion.

    Be blessed all of you

    Retired French language  teacher (Algeria)
  • Hello Ameen,

    Where is this PM bow on this section.

    Thanks again for your input 
  • Hi all  :) my name is Martina. I have master's degree in chemistry. I started to work as cosmetics and detergent R&D specialist few months ago. I don't have so much experience in formulating so I really appreciate blog like this one. 
  • hi my name is naima i 'm pharmacist i have been working in a pharmacy for 10 years recently i've felt a great interest in cosmetics so i'm here
  • Hi, I do some crafting of various sort and starting to explore DIY cosmetics. I've found that some products used in cosmetics are similar to ones used for leather care, leather crafting being one of my hobbies. Not that surprising, leather is skin. 

    I've found that reading widely diverse areas such as DIY oil paints and encaustics, DIY watercolor mediums, woodworking, auto paint colorants, fabric dyes and paints, there is more overlap in ingredients than I thought possible. Many auto paint micas are the same as cosmetic ones--not all, and I don't use those at all on skin but on leather, wood, fabric, metal, glass, have used limonene/tung oil usually used for wood sealing on leather, paper, metal, fabric, and most recently found a casein paint with an olive oil based emulsifier that allows linseed oil to be added that dries to touch in minutes and cures within a few days to a water proof finish. I've found that sort of emulsifier on some cosmetic sources as an ewax. 

    Many of the waxes used in art or craft products such as dorlands wax or renaissance wax can be blended with cosmetic grade micas and colorants and used on leather, glass, metal, wood and some fabric. Beeswax, microcrystalline, carnauba, and such. Oils and solvents are a major difference. Leather and fabric can deteriorate with any oil that goes rancid making them acid enough to degrade them. 

    I'm here looking for information on how to make some cosmetic bases to add my own cosmetic grade colorants. Mostly for liquid or cream foundations, I tend to use only shea butter or jojoba oil if my skin gets dry. I do also intend to try making colored lip balms and lipstick, blush, and may discover things I didn't know enough about to want to try.

    I made a few things for years such as non-petroleum jelly with beeswax and jojoba oil to hold zinc oxide for a deodorant, balm for diaper rash or lip balm. 

    Not looking to sell anything but making things for myself and gifts for friends. And learn things about ingredients and methods I believe will be useful for other applications. 
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    Hello everyone! I am Miguel from Spain an well i hope to spend a lot of time with all of you to spend a pleasant time and learn a lot from this fascinating world of formulations and cosmetics. Regards!
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  • Hello everyone! My name is Pearl and I'm a licensed Esthetician in South Carolina, United States. I love chemistry but it's limited to high school level. I have been following Chemists Corner for 2 years now. I'm happy that I have finally enrolled in a course.  My goal is to start my own small skin care line geared towards new mothers and babies. 
  • Hi. I am Clemencia from Kenya. I have just started a manufacturing company and we are formulating hair shampoo, neutralizer, body lotion and conditioner. I may increase the line in the near future. I am interested in learning more from other cosmetic formulators. This forum will hopefully provide the necessary support I require to grow my business.

  • Hi, name is Juan Gonzales. I have little to no background in cosmetic chemistry, and if we're being perfectly honest, I got into cosmetic chemistry only recently, after seeing how much effort goes into making worthwhile formulas. It looks like fun, and with my current line of work (automotive manufacturing) I would really appreciate something that actually challenges me.

    My main interest would be color cosmetics, and I'm also considering looking into lotions, but I would like to learn more about it before I consider getting into anything that would require the more active ingredients.

    And ultimately, my end game is either working with, or possibly even going forward with my own cosmetics line. As far as what I hope to accomplish with my life? I just want to be happy, and for me, that mostly revolves around making other people happy. Mostly, my niece and nephew. My nephew isn't really into cosmetics, but my niece is. But she has really sensitive skin. I'd like to come up with stuff she can wear without having to worry.
  • Gday everyone, I have been working for a small skincare company in Adelaide, Australia for the past year, which bases itself on natural products. At present I am not qualified in any area although I will be looking at a course come the new year. I stumbled upon this site after having complications with a product while searching for info. I couldn't believe the quick reply I received and looking through other threads on this site fell privileged to be in such good company, which is very helpful. In the future I look forward to making, tweeking and even making my own formulations for the better as I gain more knowledge.
  • Thank you very much for the approval. I’m Massimo.
    I have a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and I work in a cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. I’m interested in the development of new aerosol form products and in particular, hydrocarbons pressurized cosmetic foams. I would like to develop formulas with alternative propellants, for example tetrafluoropropene, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. I'm sure that in the forum I could find new ideas that I will share with pleasant with you.

  • I'm glad to have happened upon this forum and just reading through some posts have sent me in good directions to do more research.  

    I'm getting back into making cosmetics for personal and small sales use. I had an Etsy store that was successful a couple years ago but now I'm interested in creating a formula for a smudge-resistant lipstick that doesn't have a horrible taste and skin effect while avoiding patent infringement.  I try to keep all my ingredients within a rating of 0-2 on ewg's database.  The more I learn and read (which has been many hours lately!) I am fed up with the "natural and organic" movement which discounts safety issues of the ingredients viewed as natural by the public at large and spout warnings about man-made materials in general or those you "can't pronounce" etc.  

    So, I'm no chemist but I love chemistry, science, art, photography, and a good challenge.  I have about 3 years of tinkering experience and would love to be pointed in the right direction for further research into the "why" of how ingredients work so I can combine them in different ways.  Also, how to procure said ingredients would be very helpful. I've found some good resources but not for everything.

    Current formulations underway include "natural" lipstick, loose eye shadow, long lasting liquid lipstick, loose blush, lip gloss, and water-resistant mascara all without using ingredients known to be a hazard within their application or are a personal aversion of mine like castor oil. 
  • Hi,
    My name is Robin and although I have no formal training I am an avid reader, hav been studying and researching soaping for 5 years and love every twist and turn. I am currently looking to expand into lotions and simple easy to use products with good benefits for the skin that will not break the bank. As a sufferer of psoriasis for over 25+ years I find it hard to get products for my skin that doesn't burn and that's where my journey started.
  • Hello
    My Name is George. I'm an experienced Cosmetic Chemist for 15 years. Please, contact me if you feel that my experience can fit your needs


  • Hello I am Bob Verdicchio.Formed Verdi Ent. a Cosmetic Formulations and Applied Research company in 1996. Previously with J&J--GAF and Lever Bros (Unilever).Website is verdient.biz,
  • MicroformulationMicroformulation Member, Professional Chemist
    Welcome, Dr. Bob. As always glad to see someone with Formal training join. 
    markfuller@microformulation.com Microformulation.com Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications. BS.Pharm Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University.
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    Am Olabisi... Skin/ beauty for over 10years new to formulations due being practice a lot. Happy to be here.looking forward to learn a lots. Thanks everyone. 
  • Thanks for the welcome and will be looking forward to interaction. Bob
  • Hi All,

    My name is Pete and I am from the UK but now living in Spain.

    I am a synthetic organic chemist with over a decade of experience in large pharma, specialising in the development of processes using enzymes (bioprocesses). The "rock stars of the pharma industry" as Perry might say!

    Currently, I have taken the risk of leaving an indefinite contract in the UK to take up a three year contract within a Spanish university with the intention of identifying new opportunities during this period (but not within big companies).

    One of these opportunities would be to start up a company based around my core skills. I have lots of ideas, but funding them without IP or experience in start-ups is likely to be highly challenging if not unrealistic.

    One option I have been looking into is partnering up with people in the area that already have a track record in start-ups. However, even in this circumstance, finding sufficient funding to start chemistry projects is still far too expensive.

    Based on this, I have been giving recent thought towards a tiered approach, perhaps starting with the development and sale of cosmetics. After all, this is not too dissimilar to my skill set and my wife is great at sales and marketing. Potentially this could then lead to a platform from which I could develop my own ingredients and later my own pharmaceutical development projects.

    All dreams at the moment, but joining this site is a tentative step in that direction.

  • Hi! I´m Sylvie living in Spain, and i want to became a chemist!!
  • Hello, my name is Esperança Figuerola. I am a pharmacist. I enrolled a master in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy in CESIF, Barcelona. I've been working for 3 years as a Formulation Developmant Technician Assistant in a prestigious Cosmetic Industry in Barcelona (Spain). In the I+D laboratory not only we develop cosmetics, care about their stability and compatibility but also do the scale-up.

    Look forward to learning and discussing with everyone.
  • Hi all,

    I'm from the US, just outside of Chicago.  I currently work in pharmaceutical microbiology, and have for the past decade, but a few years ago I started making bath and body products (even starting a very small bath and body products company) and have really enjoyed learning new things and creating original formulations. My hope is to leverage my current experience and education into a full-fledged cosmetic chemistry career.

  • Hi. I'm Susan. Don't usually have a lot to say. Trying to build a small local family business. No interest in facial cosmetics, only bath/shower type products. 
    Self teaching lover of knowledge.
  • Hi my name is Chinitha and I have no scientific background in cosmetics but am beginning my own lipstick line and eventually full cosmetic line. Found this forum by chance and I'm so happy I did. I am from Chicago.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Hello to all the new people!  I hope you find the forum helpful.

    To the Chicago people (I'm in Chicago) be sure to stop by one of the upcoming Society of Cosmetic Chemists meetings.  You can see more information here (http://midwestscc.org)
  • Hello,

    My name is Vanessa. I am an undergraduate chemistry student. I plan to continue on to get my MS in forensic chemistry. Cosmetic chemistry is very interesting to me, and I try to incorporate cosmetics in my school projects (I am working on one now regarding nail polish and i'll post about that after). I love the idea of collaborating with professionals in the industry. Sometimes it is difficult to start out with little analytical or first-hand experience. Thanks for creating this forum.
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