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    Hi everyone! 

    My name is Adelina :) I come from a completely different field (finance), but I have a passion for cosmetics. 

    In order for me to understand better this filed I'm trying to learn everything from the scratch (starting with chemistry 101) and I want to thank Perry for this website because it helped me a lot so far!

    I want to thank all member and contributors from this forum, for their great work! I wish I could give back something, to show you my appreciation, but for now, my knowledge is limited, however I hope one day I will be able to help you guys as well!

    Have a great day! :)
  • Hi people,

    I'm Mel from New Zealand. I'm currently doing a "special topic" research assignment on cosmetic chemistry for my second year of a Diploma of Beauty and Body Therapy. I think I chose myself a difficult topic here (as usual), as I feel like, so far, I have only just scratched the surface of a rather large and perfectly scented beast in stealth mode!

    I have recently discovered the joys (and trials) of formulating my own products (mainly creams at this point), and hope to incorporate them into my salon/spa when I do eventually open it. Preferably I would like to be focused on products for sensitive/reactive skin using botanicals and naturally derived ingredients. I have a feeling I have once again made things difficult for myself!

    I apologise in advance if I ask silly, basic, or odd questions. I don't mean them to be, I just truly want to know more. About everything. That's why I decided to go back to school as an adult student.

    I look forward to sharing with and getting to know you all!


  • Bonjour Perry and Chemists!

    I'm from Vancouver, BC and I've had an online business for over 2 years now. I am going to start featuring a handmade cosmetics collection that will be vegan and cruelty free. I'm aiming to increase the revenue of my business in order to pay for tuition (which is crazy expensive.) Glad to be a part of this forum! Everyone seems so helpful!
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    Hey all..!! 

    I am Neha from India :) Have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Cosmetic Technology (B.Tech) and now working as Associate - R&D in a cosmetics firm here.. mainly dealing with color cosmetics and skin care range products since a year.

    Already became a fan of all the supertalented master minds over here (especially Mr.Perry and Mr.Bobchemist). Thank you for so much of information.
    Looking forward to your valuable suggestions and gain more knowledge.
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    Hello Perry, Thank you for the acceptance to this website and forum.

    Hello to all @chemistscorner

    My Name is Luke Janyszko and I am the owner of a company called Lucid Colour. (& Mafia Pigments)
    I have been manufacturing and synthesizing colourants for 11 years for many different industries and product types. As I am the only pure colour manufacturer in Australia the requests for colourants for the cosmetics field is has been very strong here for us. Our company has mainly focused in other colour industries and not so much for the cosmetic industries unfortunately. We have manufactured D&C colourants but mainly for the nail polish side of things. We need to be more in touch with the cosmetics world as we are just boring Lab nerds (electrical/chemical engineers/colourant specialists)  and we really could learn a lot from all in the cosmetic world.

    As a libran i believe in fairness, so I am happy to share knowledge and info as much for the info as I can be given or take for myself.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi everyone
  • Hello everyone.

    My name is Roberto Lupini.  I work as a development chemist in a factory in Cape Town, South Africa.  I started out doing colourmatching in Europe for an Italian textile company.  Thereafter I switched over to cosmetics and toiletries.  South Africa has a very rich vegetation and Cape Town where I stay is one of the six Floristic regions ie  the Cape Floral Kingdom.  I am starting to research the use of our indigenous plant material for skin care etc.  Drop me a line if there's anything else you would like to know.  Have a great day.  Roberto.  My email address is robby@catwalkcosmetics.co.za

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    Hello, everyone.

    My name is Yulia, I am from ON, Canada. I have a MSc in Biology, so there is some lab work experience :-)

    I have spent some years working in retail sales of top cosmetic brands, moved slowly to a professional skin care (that cosmeticians use), and ended up with formulating my own skin care products.I am a newbie in the latter with only several months experience, so I apologize in advance for my questions that may sound weird for you. Looking forward to get new ideas, and thank you for approving my request to join this forum!

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    Welcome to all our new members!
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Azmar. I am from Pahang, Malaysia. I am a MSc student in Pharmaceutical Science. My research involves natural product extraction and natural product formulation. I am using ingredients that are mostly plant-source for my formulation. I am hoping to find formulators or researchers that have similar study or experience using natural ingredients.

    Thank you Perry for approving my request to join this forum. I joined your webinar on stability test and it was awesome!

    Looking forward for new idea and experience from all of you.

    Azmar Ahmad :)
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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Ray and I am very happy to be a part of this forum! Thank you Perry for creating all these great resources that we can all be a part of!
    I am an entrepreneur. I am new to cosmetic field, very interested in it and trying to learn more about the chemistry of formulating. Hopefully I will be a useful contributor to this forum sometime in the future :)
  • Hi, my name is wilfried, I live in mexico.

    I have a master degree in materials engineering and a PhD in solid state physics.
    I want to start experimenting with making some creams and I m looking forward to exchange some ideas.
  • Hey guys!

    My name is Mikhal and I have a masters in chemistry. I work as a formulations chemist for a cleaning product and personal care company. I joined this board for more insight into quirks I have with different formulas and keeping up with alternatives. I like hearing what everyone's got going on and look forward to adding my two cents into discussions!

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    Hi everyone
    It feels good to join you all here,my name is Nosi,l own a company that supplies raw sheabutter and natural oils for skin&hair,am currently in the process of starting my own cosmetic line which is why am pursuing Perry's Practical cosmetic formulating course,l believe it will boost my knowledge on the subject matter since l don't have a chemistry background.l am passionate about fashion&beauty so l would love to focus more on make-up products as well.l look forward to everyone's input and sharing ideas.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am Tamás from Hungary. I am in the cosmetic packaging business for 8 years. In this year I made my own company which deals with contract filling and packaging services. My goal is to offer our services internationally. Next to the packaging service I also would like to make my own cosmetic brand thus I would like to learn more about the cosmetic chemist profession.
    I can help everyone who is looking for contract filling service in Europe and feel free to ask me if you would like to learn more about cosmetic packaging. I am a tube expert and if you are not sure which tube is the best for your product or which printing technology etc. I would be more than happy to answer your questions.
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    Welcome to all the new members of the forum!  Please be sure to start discussions if you have questions and add to other discussions if you have something interesting or relevant. 

    Also, we've added a new voting system so if a post is particularly helpful be sure to give it an upvote.
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    Hi Everyone,

    So happy I found this forum. Like many of us, I have been a consumer of skincare my whole life and I am now interested in venturing to the other side.  At this moment, my main objective is to learn and offer whatever advice I may possibly have.  Eventually I would like to work with organic based skincare products. 

  • Hello everyone
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm Bart and just started a simple natural cosmetics business in Poland.
    My science background is Pharmacy from Nottingham, UK.

    At the moment I'm doing CP soaps. I do contract manufacturing of beard products for a local barbershop. And have a few niche product ideas that I hope to bring to the market.

    I'm also preparing to become a cosmetic safety assessor under EU laws.

    Best regards
  • Hello everyone!! I'm Karen. So glad to have found this group and resource! Thanks Perry for putting this together sir! I just started a new cosmetic line and though I've been a huge cosmetic customer all my life I'm totally new to the formulating and chemistry side. It's great to join to expand my learning!
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    Hello my name is Justin. I am just starting out in the cosmetic chemist industry. I have been working in an R&D lab for a production company for about a year now and am currently working on a chemistry degree in hopes to pursue a long career in cosmetic formulation. I am excited to learn all that I can about the industry and about the art of formulating. 
  • Hello everyone, I'm Nancy and I live in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. I work for a small handmade bath and body shop and am eager to source as many of the ingredients we use more locally instead of having everything shipped. Trying to be more sustainable and conscious of the impact all the way down the line. Anybody else working in Mexico?! Looking forward to learning!
  • Hello, I'm Nenad from Serbia.
    I've just started a small cosmetic business. Mainly, we make soaps and lip balms and experiment with body butters. I want to learn a lot and share my experience. 
  • Hello everybody, I am Audren and I like this forum because I am a cosmetic addict and need some informations sometimes.
    I like cosmetic blogs and wanna improve my knowledge then see you in the forum!
  • Hi, I am Hoang from Viet nam. Nice to meet you.
    I am a pharmacist. I would like to became a  cosmetic chemist. I desire to develop  cosmetic from traditional herbal medicines.
  • Hi, Rhiannon here :-)  ChicoB is my log in, its my little min pin side kicks name, I cant forget it!
    Im not a Cosmetic Chemist, just a home crafter, but I love to learn & experiment.  One of these days I'd like to venture into a small business.
    I'm interested in hair care, colour cosmetics and in general lotions and potions.

  • Hi, I am a paint and coating specialist. I am working on a nail polish formulation. And I'm so happy to visit this forum and hope to help each others.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Hello to all our new members.  It's great to see people from around the world!
  • Hi and thanks to Admin for accepting me as a member here in this wonderful community.
    I am suzane.I started making skincare products for my personal use a couple of years ago and got some great results.It is how my interest started in making cosmetics.
    During this process,I came across this website and feeling very excited about being a member here.
    I am interested in making a cosmetic line in future at some point as market is full of hyped and ineffective products but I do not have all the necessary information regarding regulations and steps needed to be taken in that direction in Canada as of now.
    I hope i will learn a lot from all the amazing people at this website.I also intend to take the Cosmetic Chemist Course offered at this site at some time when I will have some extra time.
    Being said that,english is my second language so please ignore if I make some mistake.
    Thanks again.
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    I am a computer scientist who is diversifying into cosmetic formulations for the event industry...  Our work includes FD&C and D&C colorants/dyes as well as surfactants, thickeners, stabilizers, and preservatives...

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    I absolutely agree with everyone. Not sure where I was for the past few years as I just discovered this site. I have been in this field , for a long time, over 15 years, before I had kids. I fell into a job and one thing after another I am making cosmetics and creams. After the college degree that is. Now I am working with a small manufacturer and involved in innovation and production. I have experience in all personal care formulation including OTC and cosmetic formulation which includes shade matching. I am very happy to have found this website. So much information. Thank You for having me here and if I can help in anything I definitely will. 
  • Hi, I'm Colin from New Zealand.

    I'm an analytical and organic chemist by training with 15 years in veterinary pharmaceutics, a couple in analytical services and now in a small company launching some skincare products.

    Looking forward to gleaning some helpful info from the forum and expand my horizons into the world of cosmetic formulation.

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm Juli, a handcrafter based in Canada. I've been making skin care for myself for years and recently started a small business making simple formulations. Although I'm trying to keep my products as natural as possible, I believe in making quality skin care that is safe for my customers. This forum has already been a terrific resource in my venture, so thank you for that.
    I'm looking forward to collaborating with everyone!

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to start a discussion with a question you would like answered. Or share a news story you think is relevant to cosmetic chemists.
  • Howdy everyone!

    I'm Coleman, currently living in SW Pennsylvania with a background in R&D formulation for the coating industry.  I enjoy formulating and have hopes of extending my experiences towards the cosmetic industry with my own small business.  I'm particularly looking to place a deep emphasis of naturals on the product side and positive moral charity on the business side.  My partner is working towards an esthetician license and we both feel that this is a great opportunity to combine our passions and do good for the world at the same time.

    I'm very excited to get involved with this community and its rescources.  I hope that when I start getting my feet wet, I can be of help to all of you in the same way that you are all a great help to me!!

  • i am isra..from Palestine
    i work as a QC inspector for 3 years but know i am working as a formulator and i hope to learn from you
    its an excellent site for learning
    thank you for estblashing it 
  • greetings and salutations!

    my name is ivy and i am a techie, trekkie, and movie/visual media connoisseur (nerd) this obsessed with cosmetic chemistry, of late.. pouring through google patents, utilizing datasheets and the internet in general, i have amassed close to 50 notebooks full of info since april this past year when this journey began.. (i also have a thing for words and stationary, so notebooks are always piling up around me!)

    i have been to this forum many, many times while troubleshooting/exploring formulas for my personal use favs. like cleansing cream, body lotion, facial moisturizers for those of us with blemish issues, cleansing conditioner (thanks to perry's post a little while back on the viability of the 'wen' formulation, i had a long awaited success that very night.. you mentioned a suave conditioner, i believe, that used CETAC as a better option for a cleansing conditioner; cationic surfactant being absent from the wen formulation as the rationale there.. but i digress..)

    life goals.. gee.. if i could, i would love to do what you all do and formulate professionally full-time.. it does not seem plausible, however, and i see myself doing this as a hobby and on a personal use capacity, long term.. though, i was trying to scrape together the funds for perry's cosmetic formulation course that was accepting applicants this past august.. but, again, solely for personal use formulations.. 

    i have a degree in criminal justice, i build computers and am a+ certified, help friends with their tech and phones and various other electronic equipment for fun, mostly.. going back to school for either master's in sociology/psychology.. or pursue my ultimate dream of practicing law (civil liberties).. 

    i can talk and talk and talk and love intelligent debates about anything.. ill play devil's advocate for fun, challenge boundaries, etc.. as long as the tone is calm and non-aggressive.. i do not like conflict (id say, who does? but clearly, there are those who LOVE drama.. again, i digress)

    this is important, though: the existence of this forum is beneficial and important and a necessary asset.. i thank perry and the knowledgeable gurus here who contribute and keep this place going with their time and effort.. speaking as neophyte, for all of us neophytes, the knowledge you all share is so, so, so very helpful and appreciated.. thank you..

    looking forward to discussing with all of you! best regards, all..
  • Hi Everyone (esp to Perry)
    I am Margaret, a senior cosmetic chemist/consultant here in Sydney. I am specialising in skin care and also doing regulatory compliance as well.
    I would like to thank all of you for sharing ideas and learnings in this forum.

    1. What's your background?
    BS Chemisty
    Certificate in Advance Personal Care
    Diploma in Regulatory Compliance (PC)

    8 years of Research and development experience
    2. What are you most interested in?
    Skin Care
    For peope who are interested to make their own products,please contact me at margaret@anotec.com.au and I can actually help in making your own skin care/pc products that are in compliance with regulations and thus are cost effective as well.
  • PharmaSpainPharmaSpain Member, PCF student
    Hi to everyone!! I´m Rubén from Spain.
    It is great to have discovered this SCIENTIFIC cosmetic forum.
    I studied pharmacy degree in Spain and later, I did an industrial pharmacy master in France. After my master I worked in a raw material company in France. I met this forum because of my interest to develop my own cosmetics formulas and why not, maybe start a little start-up in medium term.
  • Hi everyone,
         I am so excited to share my experience with others!!!!!
             I' m Ashish from India, working as a formulator in R & D of cosmetic products into the segment of skin care. I am graduate in B.Tech (Cosmetics) & having experience of 8 years in the field of cosmetics.
  • Hi!
    My name is Tova, I'm from Sweden and I'm in third grade of upper secondary school studying technical science. Cosmetics, especially colour cosmetics, has recently become one of my big interests. I guess what made me interested in it was knowing what I actually put on my face everyday is made of!
    So, right now I'm working on my exams project where I'm trying to get an insight of the cosmetic formulating, production and profiling on a pretty basic level. Also of course looking at plenty of educations for the future that could potentially lead to a job in the cosmetic industry :)
  • my name is Dennis Wandera, am an accountant , starting my own cosmetic line and am happy with the discussions in this forum as am sure members will be willing to help us in our journey.
  • Hi Everyone,

    My have spent a minimum of three years working as a technician in analytical lab including micro biology testing while conducting research on the levels of chemical and biological contamination of water soils and human fluids.
    I have also spend several years studying online marketing , and web technologies.

    My wife has started a passion of hers which involves using natural products to create cosmetic products for our family and some friends. She has been doing so for the last year and some, but for me her questions about formulations are becoming increasingly difficult to answer especially as she is searching for performance ingredients that are naturally derived.

    I hope to contribute to this forum in areas of my strengths, and learn from the kind members who contribute to this forum.

    Thanks Perry,
    (this site is awesome :)
  • Happy new year friends,I am sOo glad to join this forum. My name is tina,I have been making pre mixed cream $ soap. I just started producing organic body scrub,sugarcane body serum $ paradise body powder. Which is very good in exforliating 100% organic. But I no am not doing my best yet! So I join this forum in other to help me. but I do not have enough capital to finance it so I started by doing it in my own local way.I would need a company dt deals with organic cream,soap,etc to will help me in producing with a small amount. As a beginner.
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    I'm normally a lurker on internet forums and have already found so much value in this site -- I'm grateful for all the knowledge shared! I'm a total DIY-er and have just a handful of conditioner formulations plus some skincare products under my belt so far. I don't have plans to sell anything but I'm really interested in learning about all of this to make more stuff for myself and friends. I had become a bit of a skincare product junkie and definitely fell into the trap that the more expensive products were "better" so all of this is quite liberating! (My wallet is especially benefiting!) Most of what I've learned so far is courtesy of Susan at swiftcraftymonkey, and I've also just started a chemistry class - which is a big deal given that I was an English lit major in college. It's exhilarating that more and more of the posts here are starting to make sense to me.

    I decided to make it official and sign up for an account since I'm sure I'll get stuck with something and I very much appreciate this resource!
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Welcome everyone!  I'm glad you're here. 

    Perry 44
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Tim, from North Carolina. I'm sadly afflicted with seborrheic dermatitis. The shampoos prescribed by my dermatologist only irritate my scalp even further. So, I'm going to be formulating shampoos and conditioners for my personal use only. I look forward to participating in this forum!


  • Hi All,

    It's a long, irrelevant story as to how I arrived/received/adopted the name Ardidito, so I'll just say you can address me as such.

    If you don't mind, I'll prioritize my paragraphs in order of relevance:

    Commercial products have let me down, while raising prices, so I'm particularly budget oriented.
    Specifically, I'm particularly interested in [order]: facial lotions+creams+occlusives, the same - for body - along with a nice, fluffy body butter that isn't too much of a butter (IPM is in my cart already) and face washes in varying 'strengths', as my personal need for cleanser is highly dependent on a lot of variables I can't control. 

    I'm fairly new to formulating, somewhat experienced in skincare and I have a background in medicine. I hope I can help, but I'm warning you up front, chemistry is not my wheelhouse. I can try though. That's probably worth mention too: I'm an information sponge and I love to research related topics, as cosmetic formulations are my latest obsession. I may have some helpful knowledge specifically regarding makeup, and that seems to be a rarely discussed topic here so - feel free to message me directly if you'd like. I'll do what I can.

    I'm here to learn about pretty much everything you guys discuss. I'm a personal-use formulator, with hopes of being able to distribute on a small scale to family and friends. I'm not a professional in any applicable area on this site.
    Intro Post: http://goo.gl/AwZ180
    Brand new - teach me! :)
  • Hi, 
    Good Morning and Namaskar
    I am Dr. Bilson, Ph.D in Applied Chemistry (Polymers). I am associated as AGM in Technical Marketing with one of silicone manufacturing company in India. My interest in the use of silicones for personal care industries like hair care applications, skin care applications etc. 
    I would like to serve the manhood of universe with some knowledge sharing in terms of applied sciences. 
    Thank you
    Dr. Bilson 
  • I'm Dr. LJ a classically trained biochemist working in oncology. But I also have a cosmetic company because let's get real scientists make bumpkiss, but then I fell in love with cosmetic chemistry!
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