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  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Shreya from India. I am from top Leading skin and Body Care i.e.
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    I am so excited to discuss more about Body and skin care remedies with suitable products.
  • Hi everyone! I'm Nikki, from Canada. I'm mostly here to learn about formulating my own products to help me cope with psoriasis. Everything I try to buy from the store bothers my skin a lot.
    Luckily I was top of my high school chemistry class and am the reason my high school added chemistry to the curriculum. 
    I've been formulating my own shampoo and conditioner for 6 months. 
    I am mostly interested in multifunctional products. My shampoo is a body wash and my conditioner is a body lotion. It would be nice to turn my hobby into a business since I always have issues finding products that are truly for people with hypersensitivity issues. In the land beyond sensitive skin. 
    Thank you for creating this forum, it is now part of my resource collection!
  • Hello,

    I am Helen and I live in Canada. I have a very specific skin sensitivity and the care products that seemed to be working for me were always on the expensive side so one day I decided that I would try to formulate and make them myself. My background is in Biomedical Engineering but my chemistry knowledge is very dusted as I have migrated to technical sciences over time and of course I had no formulating experience at all. I was glad to be able to post a few questions on this forum three years ago and with the kind advice I got I was sent on a path that has developed to a passion since then. I have learned so much and I keep learning from all the wonderful people who unselfishly share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you all and thank you Perry for creating and running this site !
  • Hi. My name`s Mateusz. I live in Poland. I run a small family-owned company manufacturing a) plumbing chemicals b) natural cosmetics (liquids, ointments, tinctures, gels, creams). My goal here is to get help and knowledge as well as share what I have. Thank you.
  • Hello CC fam! My name is Ase' (pronounce Ah-Shay). I recently finished my diploma with Personal Care Science not realizing I was being trained to work for a company until too late. I transitioned from being a law enforcement officer to a formulator. I don't care to work for any company. I really enjoy formulating and would love to have the support of like minded people.  I dream of specializing in men's care and feminine care. I am open to any suggestions and willing to learn as much as possible as well as share what I know. Thank you. 
  • Hey, I’m D and I have always been fascinated by science and I make small batch cosmetics for fun and knowledge. Thanks for this forum by the way, absolutely fantastic.
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