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  • Phil, i would love to work with ya. are there any truly natural ingredients that are great for the consumer?
  • Hii, I am Mariaa Garcia from New Jersey, USA. I am beauty and lifestyle blogger.

    I am not expert but always curious to know more and more about top and best beauty products.

  • Hi, I am sandy from Bangalore. Starting up my new home care cleaning products, here for some tips and suggestions for the formulations of the toiletries.
  • Hello dear cosmetic scientist!

    I finished my batchelor of applied chemistry. Later I moved to Netherlands as I was little bit disappointed of people attitude in this field. I worked here in Netherlands already for 2 years in cosmetics science field, but there are lack of possibilities to grow inside the company.. Her we can not learn how to formulate, but just to learn how to mix it in and solve technical problems which is also good start. But at this moment I feel lost were I should go. Maybe there are scientist from here who work in this field and could contact me with advices how and were I should search for this job opportunities in this country or in Europe even. I would be thankful for any help or guideline from your experience.

    The other option might be master degree. Which is more useful according to your experience during years?  If pharmacy could useful as much as chemistry? Thank you a lot for your time and help. 
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ash. I recently started formulating natural deodorant as a side hobby and discovered this forum when researching some of the hiccups I was running into. My chemistry knowledge is limited (I took an organic chemistry course or two towards my bachelor's degree years ago), but very much enjoy this learning curve.

    My goal is to formulate a natural-as-possible deodorant that is healthy, shelf stable, and works as a powerful deodorizer (plus some more specific requirements which I'll discuss separately.) Down the line, I'd love to have it tested with a professional formulator and eventually sell it. Very much looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you in this forum!

    P.S. I'm based out of NYC/LA!
  • Hi everyone, 
    I’m Davide, from Italy. I’m in college, studying chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies, and i recently became interested in learning about cosmetics. I bet this is the right place 😊
    Thank you for letting me join you!
  • Hi everyone. I'm Vincent, and thank you for letting me join the forum. I just graduated from formulation chemist diploma, and hope to get more and hopefully can share some good information to all of you.

  • Hii everyone,
    My name is Rabih and I work as a fomulation developer, R&D manager and QC manager in cosmetics and household. I have 15 years of experience in this field.
    Thank you

  • Hi, my name is Andrew and I work with a major ingredient distributor of raw materials for PC and Household, in APAC.  Hoping to share and learn with the group.
  • Hello! My name is Amanda and I'm a beginning entrepreneur. I make my own cosmetics and I have a couple of questions I want to find answers to.
  • Hello, just stepped into this forum. Will talk more about cosmetics.  :)
  • Hello, my name is Blessing and I am a skincare formulator from Nigeria. I have been a fan if this forum for years until I decided to sign on few days back.

    I run a skincare company here in lagos,Nigeria for dark skin using home grown ingredients to treat hyper pigmentation and other skin issues.
    It is an honour to be here and share in the joy of taking formulations
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    Hi, My name is Ethel. I am a Chef and formulator. Thank you for having me on the forum.
  • Hello, guys!
  • @Perry ;


    I can't open the links from google search after this update to site. Please check that. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @Abdullah - Thanks for letting me know. Yes, we're just waiting for Google to re-index the web pages. Since the link changed Google bots got a bit confused.

  • Hello, everyone,

    I am so glad to discover this website! Mr. Perry you share so much valuable information here just can`t believe is for free:) I am from Lithuania, working in biotech company and just started to produce cosmetic line. So this website and community forum is like some kind  a treasure for me.
    I am graduated in biology (university) and many years worked in cosmetology field. So I have a lot of experience in beauty treatments and products, ingredients, but still need much knowledge in formulation and ingredients compatibility questions. 

    Mr. Perry, I am very interested in your course about Cosmetic formulating. I looked through all the courses. What would you advice,  which would be the best option for me to choose if I don`t need skin biology, medicine part, but prefer more formulation, ingredients incompatibility questions, polymers,  natural ingredient formulation but still effective products. Thank you in advance:)

  • Currently on these days we encountered one question regarding the silanols efficiency. Methyl silanol mannuronate goes in many formulations as soothing, anti-inflammatory and collagen production stimulating agent. We had found one supplier who has it in  compound with ascorbic acid.
    How do you think ascorbic acid and methylsilanol pectinate campound 0.96 concentration (raw material consist of water, Ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate, propanediol) is worthy attention? Could it be considered to put into formulation for soothing and anti-aging emulsion? Or it will be only traces of active ingredient and no effect on skin? Would be grateful for your comments.
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    Hallo, I'm Heike. My main interest is developing cosmetic products conform to skin physiology. I started as a hobbyist many years ago, but in the last few years my work has turned more and more to a side job. I’m interested in learning and exchange my experience with others. Perhaps someone knows my (german) website »olionatura.de«. Regardless of that, I am happy to be here and I greet everyone warmly.
  • Hello

    I am Tobias aka Gordof (it’s my nick name)  and I work in the Cosmetic Industry for 6 Years now as a Formulator and as Head of Development. My background is a MS in Applied Chemistry in surfactants and Organic Chemistry. I Live in Switzerland near Zurich. I make Cosmetic Products for myself since I was very young (around 13 -14) and after Studying chemistry I worked for 3 Years in an Aerosol Company witch manly produced Cosmetic Aerosols (Creams Sprays Tonic Hair Care etc). After that I had 2 Years of Experience as a Cosmetic Formulator for Natural Cosmetic Products. Right now, I Work in the Field of Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Formulation as head of research and Development. i always trie to stay up to date with increadients and the trends that are going on.

    I am looking forward to get in contact and share my knowledge in this Forum.

    Read you soon


    Head of Research and Development 
  • @Perry i have a suggestion.
    More of the posts and comments here are very informative but some comments from provisionals are extremely beneficial and important to remember. If that comment is in our own posts we can find them by reviewing our posts. If it was in someone else's post them it is impossible to find that again. 

    My suggestion is if you add an option to bookmark or star post's by others that we like or specific comment on ther post's and be able to find them later easily, that would be very helpful. 
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Heike said:
    ... Perhaps someone knows my (german) website »olionatura.de«...
    Sure do and love it. A really nice site I frequently use to look up things I'm too lazy to note for myself. :smiley:
    BTW glad you joined chemists corner.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Gordof said:
    ...I Live in Switzerland near Zurich... I am looking forward to get in contact... Head of R&D...
    Sali Tobias
    I au (aso näb Züri wone, ned de Job).
    Döfi fröge weli Ferma?
    PS I hope you understand Schwiizerdütsch.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Abdullah said:
    My suggestion is if you add an option to bookmark or star post's by others that we like or specific comment on their post's and be able to find them later easily, that would be very helpful. 
    Hello - If you look at the top right corner of the start of a post there is a Star icon.  If you want to bookmark a discussion, just click the star.
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    Hello all,
    My name is Dr Nurah Oseni. I hold a PhD in Chemistry with over 10 years experience in new product development. In 2020, after my doctorate defence, I needed to remain active in applied research after a brief scan through my options as a chemist, I ventured into skincare products formulation and training especially for skin of colour.
    I later came across chemist corner via a Facebook group.
    I am happy to be a member of this forum, hope to connect with like-minded chemist and formulators 
    Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp +2348137611473
  • Hello everyone,  I am Jennifer from Jamaica. Perry thanks for allowing me to join your forum.  I have a small handmade cosmetic/personal care business that is 10 years old. I work mainly with natural ingredients. I am looking to expand my line of products and hope to find resources here to help with formulations, best practices, raw material sources etc.  I hope to draw on the wealth of knowledge here as well as find a formulator I can work with.  
  • Hi. My name is Paul Truman. I have been working developing cosmetic body oils for some 3 years now. Prior to that I was developing organic cereal bars for the same company. The owner has changed his product direction to cosmetics now. I am a food technologist with over 20 years product and process development experience in the chocolate / confectionery industries.

    We have just started to develop some products that are not just oil based and these are giving me some trouble. I found an answer to one of my problems in a discussion and have now joined this website. I am on the autistic spectrum and am able to problem solve well outside the box but need more grounding and knowledge of cosmetic chemistry.

    I hope to be able to provide some help to others as I draw on the knowledge of other members of this forum.
  • CinemaCinema Member
         I am new to the forum and am from USA. I am a physician who has recently gotten interested in natural ( as much as possible) and herbal skin care formulation.  I am an amateur formulator - however have been reading and learning and experimenting for the past 9 months now. My forte is naturally derived ( as much as possible) and herbal formulations, So I wanted to try to make a pourable/ pumpable lotion and for the same- tried out Cream maker fluid ( Inci name - Sorbitan laurate, polyglyceryl-4 laurate, dilauryl citrate ) for the same.
    Basic formulation

    OIls ( coconut, babassu, MCT and apricot kernel)- 12%
    Aloe gel- 5%
    DW- 72%
    Glycerin -3 %
    Cetyl alcohol- 0.5
    Cream maker fluid- 3.5%
    Vtamin E - 1%
    Essential oils- 2%
    Optiphen plus- 1%
               But my emulsion -although came together but separated quickly. The formulation guide is to use 1.5-2.5% cream maker fluid - but I used more than that. Then I added HEC at 0.5, increased cetyl alcohol to 2% and Cream maker fluid to 6%- and of course adjust water accordingly.  The rsults still the same but my lotion now had stringy texture ( thanks to HEC) and waxy feel ( large amount of emulsifier I guess). 
             I guess I do need a natural polymer if possible like konjac or alginate for my water phase and an oil thickener too- like some out there are sapogel, sucragel, dermofeel viscolid or bio Jelly- all new to me. 
              Thoughts from you experts ? And experiences with Cream maker fluid?
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @Cinema - I'd suggest you post your question as a new discussion
  • CinemaCinema Member
    @Perry, sorry and thanks- new here and hence figuring it out; will do
  • Hi everyone!
    I'm an oncology pharmacist with a BS in chemistry, and making lotions has been one of my hobbies that I've recently started getting back into. I am very grateful for this forum and hope to be able to contribute to others success in thee future as I gain more experience playing with formulations. 
  • Hi everyone,
    I am a healthcare worker. I have alway's had a fascination with chemistry. From time to time, when I find an excuse to play "the chemist" I will do so. But it must serve a purpose. I have a sensitive and dry skin and couldn't find a skincream that had the right properties AND was unscented. So there my recent journey in cosmetics chemistry begun. Now I like to also make my own shampoo and hairwax. I am a fan of ingredients that are safe and known to be less harmfull. A formulation must still be functional. I like as little ingredients as I can get away with. Just trying t find out what works and what can be left out. Definately just starting to learn. I greet everyone  :)
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    My name is roopal and I am from India.
    I love formulating skincare and haircare products. 
    I aspire to take my brand @Sattvicskin ; to a different level. I have no formal training as such but am loving the journey so far. Its wonderful getting loads of information and knowledge on this platform..
  • Hello!  It looks like it’s been a LONG time since this thread has had an introduction!  I’m SO excited to be here and I can’t believe the WEALTH of information that I’m going to find in all of these threads, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your group!  I began my journey after a cancer scare 5 years ago, wanting to formulate things for myself that were more natural. I’ve spent the last 5 years perfecting (in my opinion!) my soap recipes and a few anhydrous formulations. I am ready to begin branching out into lotions, creams and facial serums. I’m very excited to begin reading and really hope that you don’t mind some ‘newbie’ questions that I will always search for answers for first!
    thank you!
    Hi!I'm shenon new comer.i honestly thanking Me.Perry for making a way .my job is related to fiberglass industry.but I pretty interested in learning cosmetics.specially detergents and cleaners,etc 
  • Hello,

    My name is Ethel. I have a chemistry background but branched into marketing after working in R&D for 3 years. After working for 19 years more in Marketing I am back to product formulation.
     I started my own manufacturing business a year ago in Nigeria producing cleaning products for Personal, Home and Fabric Care. I have had many challenges trying to formulate effective products that delivers consumers expectations.
    I am glad for discovering this forum and hope for useful interactions that will help me share and learn from professionals here.🙂
  • JusmeJusme Member
    Hello my name is Mar. I'm looking to start a hairline product. I have no formal background in chemistry but wanted to take this step to learn more about formulation. I have spent weeks trying to find materials or even books but have had no luck. I  somehow through my many clicks stumbled across this forum.  I want to become better familiar with ingredients, cause and effect of them, formulation and just any other thing I can learn. Thank you for adding me to the group 
  • Bax65Bax65 Member
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Axel and I am currently working as technical expert for a European raw material supplier. My job (and my desire) is to help our clients achieving their formulation targets based on the portfolio we are selling.
    As I started working in the field of personal care applications back in 1985 I would say I have a bit of experience

    I came across some quite useful hints for formulation challenges in this forum and now want to participate by helping others - if I can.
    And don't worry, it is not my intention to sell "my products" to you.
  • Hi! My name is Sara and I've been using this site as a resource for years! I've been making my own products for household use for the last 5 years.  My formulas have steadily improved over the years as well as my understanding of formulating concepts.  I'm excited to be a part of this community!
  • JessBBJessBB Member
    I'm Jessica, I was previously in r&d for a soap/personal care supply company. I currently head a production team making/formulating lotions, lip balm and other bases for crafters in the handmade provisions realm. Looking forward to formulation discussions, etc.
  • hello, kabanda is my name. i live in uganda.
    its my pleasure to be accepted here, i love formulating skin care and hair care products though an not a chemist by profession.
    am so happy that I have met people of my interest.
  • BROBBROB Member
    Hello, thank you for accepting me into the group.
    My first ever job after studies at 18 years old was for a chemical company and I have had a varied career since - working for blue chip companies, Pharma and in academia for 10 years in Environment and Sustainability. I have a masters in environmental management and I am a chartered waste and resources manager. I currently work as a consultant having recently completed studies in cosmetic science and regulatory affairs. I am currently formulating personal care and HI&I products and welcome the opportunity to join discussions with the likeminded on this forum.
  • Hello everybody!

    I've been lurking forever, and finally decided to join the fun.

    Years ago, I studied Cosmetic Science as an undergrad only to do a career 180.

    But cosmetics never left me: over the years I've worked in the industry in different capacities, secretly wishing to get back to what drew me in - formulating.

    I'm here to learn and ask A LOT of questions. Hope I can be of some help too!

  • Hi everyone,

    First and foremost, thanks for accepting me into this forum. A bit of intro about myself. My name is Ivan and I'm from Singapore. Anyone else from SG as well ? My day job is a practising architect and by night, I formulate a myriad of skin and personal care products. I love researching into ingredients and how they are able to be incorporated to derive a stable and workable product. The need for precision in the formulation process thrills me, ha. I am also a huge fan of using glycerites derived out of natural produce as an integral part of my formulations and am constantly thinking of ways to extract as much nutrients from fresh and natural produce as possible and to incorporate them into the product. So if anyone else is also interested in natural glycerites, do chat with me !  Cheers, Ivan.
  • Hi
    My name is Dianna. I have been making body soap for over two decades. More recently, I made some laundry detergent. My husband liked it very much. 
    I'm ready to make it again plus dish detergent. I hope to eventually expand into making shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.
     I am pleased to join this forum and learn more about environmentally responsible chemicals and their properties.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @Abdullah - It should put a number by your name when someone includes your name in the quote. But I'll see if there is a way to also include a notification when someone quotes you.

  • Hey there! My name is Brett,

    I'm a mens hairstylist in Vancouver Canada who recently found an interest in hair products. Im currently enrolled in the Practical Cosmetic Formulating program that's offered here. Im working with the owner of my salon on creating a small line of haircare and styling products to be sold in the shop. My goal is to learn as much as I can in order to create safe and trustworthy products for our clients. I have read a few threads in the forum already which has been a great source of information, and I look forward to chatting with you all! thanks for having me!

  • Hi, my name is Rahma. I am a pharmacist and a cosmetic formulator. I love formulating so much that I started a small company and we have successfully launched a haircare line. 
    Thank you all for having me with you. 
  • @Perry hello 
    I have a suggestion

    I have learned a lot of things from this forum. I have asked every question i had about formulation here because i trust it more than any other source on internet and have good very good answers. Usually i review the discussion i have posted one a month. This way i learn more things, things that i didn't understand enough when i had posted it. As the number of my discussions are a bit high, if i want to review for example all my discussions about one subject like preservative or shampoo or emulsion, i have to search all the discussion that are going to increase day by day.

    my suggestion is if there be a feature to categorize the discussions we have posted or tag them for certain names or make folder for different categories like preservative or surfactant etc,  that would be very helpful for some one who want to review his questions evey now and then.

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @Abdullah - "my suggestion is if there be a feature to categorize the discussions we have posted or tag them for certain names or make folder for different categories like preservative or surfactant etc,  that would be very helpful for some one who want to review his questions evey now and then."

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are updating the forum software soon so I'll look into adding something like this.  But at the moment if you want to tag or bookmark a discussion for later, just click the "star" icon on the top right corner of the discussion and it will save it in your bookmarked discussions.

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