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    @Abigail - Welcome to the forum!

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    Hello everyone! My name is Roi. I have a pharmacist degree and am currently taking a master’s course in pharmaceutical sciences in a Japanese University. I have been very attracted to the cosmetics formulation world for the last 6 months, and I want to focus my career path in this direction. I came across this forum while searching for formulation information. I am a beginner, and I hope I can learn a lot in this forum.
    Thank you very much! よろしくお願いします
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    I forgot to do my introduction! ( I saw a post that engaged my attention) 
    I happened to find Cosmetic Corner through a google search years ago. I was so intrigued by the vast knowledge- I enrolled at the University of Cincinnati -Masters of Pharmacology in Cosmetic Sciences- 
    I completed a year and I learned so much of the chemical side of cosmetics and I was given the opportunity to engage with up and new formulators who assisted me with my studies. 
    After some thinking, I felt more led to be a dermatology Nurse Practitioner - I transferred programs and I will be finishing soon. 
    I’ve been a Nurse for years and I’ve seen so many patients struggle with themselves and hyperpigmentation. 
    Developing my own Line has been my passion and as a hands on person, I am driven to learn the ins and out of cosmetic science 🧪 
    I’m grateful for @perry and this forum and the many esteemed scientists 🥼 who have patience with us “hobbists” 
    For me it’s not a hobby- it’s a life goal that I want to perfect. 
    Thank you- 
    Anuli C🤗
    Anuli means “Joy”  o:) 
  • Hi. My name is Threasa. I am an experienced gardener/herbalist and found soap making by accident trying to use my herbs in new ways. I make and sell cold process soap with herbal infusions. I find a lot of conflicting information in the soap making world so having a forum to connect with may be helpful. I am impressed with the chemistry backgrounds of the members. Hope I can also contribute in a meaningful way. Cheers everyone.
  • Hi ya'll, my name is Jaxon. I'd been a salary man/professional for 25+ years (in and around southwest US and half of it outside the US), until I decided to be an entrepreneur four years ago. I have developed automotive paints and fabric surfactant by trial and error and successfully built up some small brands for myself. I recently became interested in cosmetic formulation. I wish that I can learn from the good people in this forum on some ingredients and formulation techniques, and also hope can contribute "in a meaningful way" (sorry, I am copying Boomerwave words from above). Thanks Admin for accepting me into the forum.
  • My name is Russell, a semi-retired analytical chemist with no formulation experience but am increasingly interested in formulating my own products (shampoo) for personal use.
  • Hi - thank you for having me. I am Wambui, own a natural skincare company in Nairobi and a formulator in training. So happy to be part of this wonderful, knowledgeable community. 
  • Hello, I am really excited to be a part of this community. I am interested in formulating beauty products, I studied journalism and communication but I am such a beauty fanatic and part time makeup artist. I have been getting dragged deeper and deeper into the world of formulating but i still need to know more before I can make my first product.

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    Hi everyone, I am a child minder, I would like to learn more about making cosmetics creams etc.. learn more about the ingredients involved and what they are for hopefully I'll be able to make my own cosmetics one day... :) 
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    Hi ! I'm Oriana, and I'm a translator (french/spanish if you're curious), so nothing to do with science really. But I became passionate about the chemistry of cosmetics, and I'm doing lots and lots of research every week to learn as much as I can. I currently make almost all of my skincare and hygiene products (definitely not my sunscreen though obviously).
    I had the idea of going back to university to become a formulator, but I'd need to study for around 7-10 years to get there, and that seems way too disheartening at this point in my life.
    I'd love to be able one day to sell cosmetics that I formulate with the help of a chemist, if I ever manage to get through french administration and european cosmetic laws... but I'm not there yet 😊

  • Hi!
    I've recently become very interested in the natural No-poo movement and would like to learn more about the ingredients and how they affect hair. There is a lot of information out there, but much of it is hyped and has no real information on pros, cons, and effectiveness.
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Amanda and I am from Missouri, USA. I make hair and skin products as a hobby. I do not have any background in chemistry. I went to school for literature. lol.

    I started experimenting with making my own shampoo and soap a little over a year ago because I both am cheap and wanted to be more self-sufficient. It has been a whole lot of fun. I've even started using some of the herbs from my garden for scent purposes.

    Anyway thanks for letting me join and it's nice to find a place to talk to other people about this stuff.  :smiley:
  • Hi all, thank you for approving me for this forum, Perry! I'm Noelle, from the USA, and I am a passionate amateur cosmetic chemist and formulator. (My formal education background includes engineering and applied arts, so I'm used to math, at least!)

    So far, most of my learning has been from a combination of Susan Barclay Nichol's blog and books, and other one-off books, like Recipes for Hair Care Products. Right now, I'm debating signing up for a couple of courses to formalize my learning, like the Chemist's Corner course :) 
  • Hello! My name is Dr Sara Robb.

    The children in my science club call me Dr Sara so that is what I chose as my username.
    I have a PhD in Neuroscience from Hershey Medical School. My thesis was Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Pretty radical, I know.
    I moved to the UK to do my post-doc over 20 years ago. My meandering path eventually lead me to my new career- teaching beekeepers how to make cosmetics and helping them meet all the EU legal requirements.

    Beekeepers sell their honey at markets and are interested in value-added products that can be sold alongside their honey. Cosmetics are ideal because beeswax, honey, and propolis are on-trend, functional ingredients. I write recipes for soaps, creams, and other products that include bee ingredients.

    My main activities are running workshops for beekeepers at The National Honey Show and British Beekeeping Association Spring Convention, writing books and articles, and as a cosmetic safety assessor for Verdigris Cosmetic Solutions.

    I am really pleased to join Cosmetic Science Talk!
    Dr Sara
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    Hi, I'm Shahzaib from UK, I have been running my small cosmetic company in my home country for 2 years. I do not have formal chem training and here to learn you pro guys especially from @Perry

    Looking forward to being a part of the chemists corner family. 
  • Hi. I am Zacchaeus, a RND specialist in personal care in a cosmetic manufacturing company. Been in the industry for 5 years.

    Hope to learn from y'all.
  • Hi I am Oshananda from British Columbia Canada  :)
      I know this sounds like a silly question but how do I suspend Aloe gel in Coconut oil? I do not want to make a "cream" . I want it to be an oily gel suspended. What is the emulsifier that is least irritating (most gentle/natural) to do this?
    Thank you!
    Oshananda Manuel
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    Hi, I'm Makua and I'm actually a college student majoring in psychology right now. I contemplated doing chemistry but changed my mind soon after because I preferred learning about the mind. Instead of formulating cosmetics I waned to help people who felt addicted to beauty expectations and cosmetics. This really solidified after I started formulating a sa hobby. There is so much fear mongering and unhealthy mindsets  caused by cosmetic marketing it's a little saddening.

    Edit: I posted without finishing accidently.
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    I'm DAMODE, I studies applied physics as first degree, currently working in technology Incubation and had been in cosmetics for the past five years producing lotion, scrub, African black soap base on request and customer skin needs, I look forward learning more from this forum and contributing if need be. 
  • hi all
    i am newbie here , my name is Hassan i am 25
    I have been living in Canada for 6 years
    originally from Arabia (Middle East)

  • Hi everyone, I'm Luna, I've been formulating for 5 years but I'm not a professional. I am fascinated by the world of cosmetics and makeup, I am studying the substances for the self-production of creams, serums, cleansers, balms, lipsticks, I learned how to make formulas, but I hope to improve with you!
  • Hello, 
    I am Lisa.  I own a corporate event planning company but because of Covid, all of our events have been canceled.   I have always been interested in cosmetics and homemade creams and lotions.  I have started making muscle relief salves, creams, and relax creams. I live in Key Largo, FL. I have been giving them to friends to use as a focus group before I start to sell them. They have been filling out the questionnaire I also include with each product and formula.  I am so happy to be able to be a part of this forum. It's like I am starting a whole new career.   
  • Hello Everyone, My Name is Nino Dimasta. Iam a new man in a chemical product start-up in Indonesia. 

    Actually, Iam not working with human cosmetic. I work with the automotive cosmetic. I need to learn more about it to make my work better. I hope I can find many experts, so I can learn more from him/her. 

    Iam looking forward for the knowledge sharing, and discussion 

    Email: dimasta13@student.ub.ac.id
    LinkedIn: Nino Dimasta Putra
  • Hi, I'm Eugene from Georgia, Tbilisi. 
    I started my small business in soap making 3 years ego. I've added some simple cosmetic products to my range also, but I realized that I need some chemistry background to make more complicated products. I found so much info on this forum! Thank you :)
  • I'm happy to be part of this great forum, my name is Reuben bayo Felix from nigeria
    I study biochemistry and I work as a chemical analysts in a homecare and cosmetics manufacturing company, there is also R&D section in my laboratory for 4 years now, that's where I pick interests because I work directly with them by carrying out analysis of new develop product. I look forward in picking a career in Cosmetics formulator and R&D couple with my biochemistry background and chemical analyst experience, looking forward to meet like mind and contributes positively to the forum
  • Im love formulating or making my personal cosmetics. 
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    Thank you very much for accepting my request. My name is Nayab. I am planing to establish my own factory for Hand Wash Liquid, Dish wash and Laundry Detergent. I am looking a good formula of Hand Wash Liquid, Dish wash and Laundry Detergent.
    I found this forum quite attractive and full of knowledge, therefore join this forum, to get help from expertise people. 
  • Hi, I'm Andre from Nigeria. My background is chemistry. I'm really passionate to be a cosmetology. I think the platform the necessary knowledge I need. Thanks for creating this platform.
  • Hello Perry and everyone!
    My name is Andreea, and i am very passionate about making my own cosmetics, for my personal use, even though i do not have background in chemistry. 
    Happy to be part of this forum!
  • Hi
    My name is Amanuel .i am starting my own detergent manufacturing business. AND i have trouble of finding chemicals that i can use for production of laundry detergent can i use CAPB 30 instead of CAPAO Please help me
  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Charanpreet. I am working as R&D Formulation Chemist. My role focuses on formulation and packaging development of aerosols mainly hair care and sun care. Here to help people and learn from peers. Cheers
  • Hi,
    My name is Amy. I work for a small company in Hawaii. We have been producing cold process soap since the 80's and are now looking into producing liquid castile soap. Hoping to get some good recommendations here. I am happy to be a member, thank you. 
  • Hi all! Autumn here. Long time lurker, new member.

    1.  What's your background?  

    - Carpet/upholstery cleaning, stain removal

    - fiber artist (dyeing, spinning, weaving, etc)

    - candle making, soap making, customized base nail polish enamels, hair coloring/bleaching (treatment of hair damage), pressed powder & cream cosmetics, personal care and home care formulation in general 

    - (on myself) acrylic (monomer activated acrylic powders) and uv gel false nails

    - I have several skin challenges (autoimmune, acne/spider vein/ocular rosacea, seb derm, oily skin, stubborn fungal overgrowths with infrequent need to take antibiotics 

    2.  What are you most interested in?

    Right now, clear liquid surfactant systems for skin cleansing.

    3.  What are you trying to accomplish in your career and life?

    I’m working to reduce costs and efforts involved for a highly concentrated liquid hand wash. When I have a working formula that meets low cost requirements (materials, manpower), I will be making 10 x 5 gallon batches for the first order.
    Needs to
    - require very small amounts of product
    - least disturb natural skin anatomy
    - rinse well with minimal water
    - effective in very hard local tap water
    - doesn’t clog small plastic drain hoses
    - low cost in materials and manpower.

    Use Case:
    portable hand-washing sinks at homeless encampments. The sinks are provided by a nonprofit organization who hired my employer — a hand sanitizer bottling company— to make the “soap”.
    - My employer has tasked me with creating 2-3 test products to choose from with cost breakdowns for each.
  • Hi everyone -
    I have a passion for anti aging products. I am currently learning how to formulate and I am having a blast. For now, I am just trying to learn as much as possible and enjoying the process.

    I can't wait to interact with you.
  • Hello everyone, my name is Susan, currently an aesthetician but have had a bachelor degree in Biochem once upon a time. I am hoping to get back to my root and currently exploring some skincare formulas to be used in my back-bar.  I love this forum, and would like to thank-in-advance for all future feedbacks and guidances.
  • Hi, Everyone.

    I' m Nishil and i studied Pharmacy. I am working in cosmetic industries from last five years. Now we have started our own cosmetic production house in India. 

    I found this forum very informative and full of knowledge, therefore i join this forum. 

    Our future goal and also working very closely on nature based skin care products.

    Heartily i thank full to creator of this forum, PERRY.

    I look forward to discussing, sharing and learning new ideas relating to cosmetic formulation!!
  • Hi Everyone! with my first post I wanted to say hello to all. I really love beauty products, especially for my face. 
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    Good morning, thank you very much for accepting me in the forum. I am Pamela from Argentina, I studied Chemistry, recently I dedicated myself to the formulation of cosmetics. What worries me the most is the issue of preservatives, my intention is NOT TO USE PARABENS so I consult it. I am from Argentina and some supplies are not available here. I was using Cosgard as the only preservative, to which I did not add any chelating agent (very bad). In Argentina I recently bought Euxyl pe 9010 and I was thinking of using EDTA as a chelator and some antioxidant like citric acid. I would be very grateful if you could help me to see the different possibilities of preservatives to ensure that the product is maintained over time. Thank you very much. Best regards to all.
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    @MAGDA - Welcome to the forum.  I'd suggest you start a discussion if you have a preservative question.

  • Hello! 
    Long time lurker and happy to join. I don't have a background in cosmetics or science but I'm very interested in cosmetic chemistry and frequently formulate products for the skin (with varying levels of success). I hope to expand my knowledge and eventually work with professionals to create my own skincare line. 
  • Hello everyone, I am Priti from India. I working with beauty information sites since 2+ year and i have good knowledge on skincare and hair care methods.

    Hope will enjoy my stay here.
  • Hello ,

    My name is Zaineb and I am originally from Casablanca, Morocco but I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I studied at Universityof Toronto and graduated with a Bsc in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I am currently working on my line of skincare, which consists of plant and ferment extracts (which I hope to be doing research for such as chemical and bioassays) and potent lab ingredients (e.g:hyaluronic acid, retinol esters, etc...).

    I am most interested in learning how to formulate products, and how they work in synergy. I'd also like to be able to conduct my own research, with my own mini lab. 

    That is my career goal. :) I would much appreciate any insight, and even a mentorship. I am hard)working and very dedicated to reaching my goals. 

    Thank you 
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    Am Emmanuela or you can call me achalugo am from Nigeria am still a student studying microbiology. I dont know much about costematic and co, it was this corona virus outbreak that made me go into liquid soap,air freshner and toilet wash making. I started from watching people make those on youtube and i tried out mine.I Hope by god's grace and help i get from this forum i will be able to make good liquid soap that i can sell to support myself in school thanks.

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    Hello, I am George. My Experience is in Skin and Hair Care Formulation, Scale Up, and Testing for 15 years.  Looking for a Position as a Sr. Formulation Chemist, Manager, or Consultant.  Please, contact me on my yahoo account: OMELNOOR1@YAHOO.COM Please, don't contact me on my g mail account Thank you
  • My name is Melinda and I became really interested in skincare after I became disabled due to severe pain from a condition called Erythromelalgia and I also have small fiber neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I came a across r/diybeauty and was amazed that products could be made at home with real ingredients that didn't come from the kitchen. I love learning about cosmetic chemistry and making products. It has really helped me with cope with my pain by keeping my mind busy. 
  • Hi everyone. My name is Buhle Tati. I'm in South Africa. My passion is in formulating with natural and organic ingredients. I formulate a hair care range and am moving now into skincare.
  • Hello, 
    Thank you so much for accepting me here. I'm Mira from Slovakia. Hairdresser with a passion for chemistry on the way to build my own haircare brand. 
  • ChevyChevy Member
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    Hi, I'm Chevy. I work for a small skin care company based in the U.S. (Michigan) I have no formal chem training either but completely adore researching ingredients and their benefits. We do stay within the botanical, most naturally derived ingredients category as possible when it comes to our skincare & products. We are working on a few new soaps, lotions and masks at the moment. Part of my responsibilities here is assuring that our ingredients stay within this realm for our customers and through this, I am falling in love with the science behind the ingredients. As a small company, we are still growing and I am learning a lot about proper formulation and very good botanical alternatives. 
    Glad to be here & I look forward to some great discussions, learning and having a great, intelligent forum to grow my understanding! Thank you for accepting me into this amazing group! 
  • Hello everyone.

    My name is Gary, i have been working in pharma/medical device industry for the better part of 18 years.  i started my own business making beard balms and people really love it. i'd like to expand my ALL NATURAL formulations so people know exactly what they're putting on their skin.  i believe there's a natural way to do things and being in this forum has opened my eyes. check us out on amazon/instagram/facebook  just search NYBEARDCO or newyorkbeardco  (on fb and twitter)

    i just want to make a good product , make people happy/look good, but naturally. 

    currently i was thinking of making a water based pomade but a natural one with good stability.  i would ideally like to know what type of preservatives i could use or something other than vitamin e to help extend shelf life.  ratios would help as well. 

  • PhilGeisPhilGeis Member, Professional formulator
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    I'm Phil Geis.  Was responsible for micro P&G's cosmetic and lother businesses for ~ 2 decades. Retited to consuultant.  I've followed Perry's info - been a fan for years. Want to share my knowledge and experience and learn from  you guys.
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