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  • Hello,  my name is klein
    Im very interested in formulating my own skincare.  Ive been joining workshops to gain knowledge on formulating. So far ive been lurking this forum for a while and learned a lot. 
  • Hello all!

    I am a happy to be here! I am interested in reading everyone's questions and comments about formulating. I've been lurking here for a bit and soaking up a lot of knowledge from the many interesting posts.

    Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience everyone!
  • Hi everybody,

    I just received my bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. I have always been into skincare and have just begun making skincare formulas of my own. I'm used to making purely water-based formulas, as that is practically foolproof, but now I'm entering the world of emulsions and am excited to make workable formulas! I would say figuring out the correct quantity of emulsifier is going to be my biggest hurdle, which is why I came here for some extra help! My ultimate goal is to share my formulas with others, just not myself.

    I've been reading many topics here over the past weeks and I'm humbled by the wealth of knowledge of many users here and I am so grateful for each of your contributions!

  • Hello all,
    Interested to learn more about cosmetic formulating and how various ingredients affect primary packaging compatibility.
    Thank you.
  • Hi am Rosy, i am a part time worker and a skin therapist. So happy to be in this forum, to learn new ideas on formulation  to advance in skin care.
  • Hello Perry,
    Thank you so much for this forum and website. My name is Sally, I'm a soap maker and formulator of natural skin care products. I have a business in Australia called Bird Body Essentials. My challenge is to work out how to formulate products made from ingredients you would (almost) find in your kitchen that work to nourish your body. My high school chemistry is of little help, but I have been an investigative journalist for 30 years, so those skills I used there help me research and seek answers to the puzzles I try to solve. I feel like a chemists' groupie on this forum and I really appreciate the support and advice (and non judgement) that is offered.
  • Hello, I am a Pharmacist and Cosmetics Formulator, I specialize in formulating expensive custom formulas mainly for face and body care. I am trying to create the perfect formula for the face as I work mainly with high-end materials only. I am almost done with my formula and sometime within the next two months I am planning to throw it in the market. 
  • Hello everyone, and thank you for adding me to your forum.
    My name is Jane and I have been manufacturing and selling skin care products in the UK for 15 years. I am in the process of starting a second business focussing on grooming products for pets. I am strugging to formulate a stable sulfate free shampoo recipe, and after 12 months of trying, have decided to ask for expert help.
  • Hello everyone, 
    I'm Funmi from Nigeria. A graduate of chemistry and really interested in formulation especially personal care products. I'm a novice in this and look forward to learning and also adding value.
  • Hello, i am not a chemist, i am physicist. But somehow i've been in to cosmetics job. I am managing a factory also producing lotions,gels,oil in oil dispersions for three years. I've learned so much from internet (forums books ...). I want to learn whole molecular structures and have more knowledge about what i am doing. If i can help any, i am here to share my knowledge. Nice to meet you.
  • Hi!   I have created and sold skin care, body care and soap for 17 years (on a very small scale) ? and more of, as my husband calls it . . a very expensive hobby ?.   I’m looking forward to manufacturing and selling on a larger scale now that I have a shop and the space to do it.  I’ve been learning a lot browsing the posts.  Glad to be part of this community.  
  • Hi ,
    I am Aziz , my educational background is , Graduation in Chemistry and Masters in Organic Chemistry . I did job in Sanofi BD Ltd for several years in Sales and Marketing . I was away from my subject related job for several years . 
    Now I have formulate a hand wash and a liquid dish wash and going to launch in the market . I have a desire to add more items in course of time . 
  • Hello everyone, 

    My name is Japnaam and I'm in brazil.
    I am not a cosmetic chemist. I have only recently taken up on formulating as a "hobby", so I'm very new at this. I apologize for posting a discussion before introducing myself. I only just saw this introduction page as well as the page on discussion post rules...
    At the moment, I'm taking the online cosmetic formulation course and I find it quite helpful for someone like me. I look forward to learning and contributing (if I can).
    Thank you for making information available to everyone!

  • Hi my name is Jake,I am from north east India.I'm a  graduate in chemistry.Today,I am going to participate in entrepreneur competition held by the state govt of Mizoram,India.I am going to compete for initiating a Cosmetic company.If i win,I will need lots of help you as I am new in this department.I will try my best effort to help you too.thanks
  • Nthabi_joyNthabi_joy Member
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    Hello Everyone 

    I've been dabbling in DIY cosmetics for quite a while now because I find it fun and interesting. I’m mainly self taught without much formal instruction however, I’ve since learned to make some cool stuff and some are colossal flops. Looking forward to sharing, learning and contributing where possible. Excited to be part of the community ?
  • Hi, I'm Catherine Harrison from Ohio, USA, and my company is Willowdale Botanicals.  I'm the formulator (as well as the everything-else-or), and in my previous career was a neuroscientist, not trained as a chemist but with plenty of experience in biochem.  I've got a BS in Physics and a PhD in neuroscience.  I've lurked in the forum for a few years but I want to get more active so I thought I should say hi.  I really, really appreciate this forum being available as a free resource.  Coming into cosmetic chemistry sideways without formal training can be challenging and to all the experts in this forum being so generous with your time, thank you!  I want to shout out to SwiftCraftyMonkey's blog, too, without whom I'd not have learned enough to even show up here.  Anyway, thank you Perry and everyone, and I'll try not to be a fool or a pest (more than necessary).
  • iam abderezak from algeria I came from mathematics to thechemistry
    I am so excited to become a part of this forum!
    I am a new formulator
    I look forward to learning, sharing, discussing with you all!
    english is not my mother language
    aie aie aie i forgott!  iam beekeeper for 20 years

  • Hi,
    My name is Jennifer Hiatt. I am not a cosmetic Chemist, and so far have been self taught. I started 6 years ago, dabbling, making DIY stuff (unfortunately from Pinterest) and started doing more research and realized 99.9% of the “recipes” on there were total crap. Fast forward a few years, and I stumbled upon much more legitimate sites and became more proficient. I love to read and research, and enjoy Formulating and trying to come up with new ideas. I enjoy looking at ingredients lists and trying to come up with possible formulations for fun:-) I’m also a spreadsheet dork and put everything into Excel. I have experience making CP soap, lotion, serum, shampoo, conditioner, color cosmetics, face masks, etc.
  • Hey, Thank you for approving my membership.
    I have been ,,stalking" this forum for the past few months so I decided to join it.
    I'm not a chemist bit I am M.D so I believe I'm well versed into chemistry.
    I suck with number so If you see me, posting about anything on this forum that involves math of my own creation RUN :)
  • Hi, My name is Kate.  My background is mostly the engineering with a BS in physics.  I've always worked in regulated industry but cosmetics is new to me.

    I'm interested in formulation mostly because of someone close to me developing a very bad allergy to coconut and palm derivatives.  Finding options that don't cause her a reaction has been nigh impossible.  There has been a lot of scouring specs trying to find modern functional ingredients without those.

    I'm looking at launching a small line with my coconut free formulas because their is such a lack of available solutions for people with these allergies.  It's obviously a small group but everyone needs basic personal care. 

    I'm way better at learning about the chemistry and production and regulations than the marketing, which is pretty much the opposite recommended in Perry's article about what you need to launch a line.   :/
  • Hi All:

    My name is Stephen and I’m an engineer and children’s salon owner.  

    Cosmetic formulating is completely new to me, however I have an incredible interest in learning how to formulate safe and effective hair care products for children.

    I will try to help my fellow members whenever I can, but as a relatively new formulator, unfortunately I suspect that I will require a little assistance from more seasoned members as I get started.  I hope this is not a problem, and if it is, sincere apologies in advance! ?

    So looking forward to meeting other cosmetic chemists in this forum and getting to know you a little better!

    Best wishes!


  • My name is Shannon Johnson. I'm a nurse practitioner on Boston's North Shore. Since 2017 I've been laying groundwork to launch my own skin care products for specific clinical conditions.  I'm lucky enough to have a husband who is a chemical engineer and runs a manufacturing company, and who encouraged me to start by getting some education in cosmetic formulating (he found and steered me to the Practical Cosmetic Formulating courses). I'd like to thank the many people who share their expertise and insights on this forum in a professional and courteous way, and hope I can return the favor.  Looking forward to Suppliers' Day 2019!
  • Hello everyone!  :) I'm just a hobbyist trying to learn more and make my craft better. Looking forward to interacting with everyone. 
  • I am Harendrasinh, MSc -Microbiology we are in Analytical and formulation Lab. As these sectors recently grow by about 15% to17% in India with new products so want to update and enhance my knowledge for prohibited compounds/ ban compound in cosmetic products as per latest cosmetic Act. Thereby supporting customer and RM /PM Supplier for over all quality and legal law compliance.
  • Hi my name is Belew Haile, i am a Chemist and work as a products developer.
    I can share my knowledge on liquid detergents & cosmetics formulation.
  • Hello everyone!  I'm TJ from the US.  I'm a budding home-based business owner that is attempting to create "natural" skin and hair care products.  I will probably read EVERY thread on this forum!  Eventually, I want to save up to take the course offered but, until then, I shall read on!

  • Hello, I'm  Rudzani and I'm from  South Africa, I'm in a beauty Therapist  and interested in pharmacology and cosmetic science and would like to know how to formulate my own cosmetics.  I'm glad I found this forum
  • Escr
    Hello everyone, my name is Milagros, greetings from Argentina. I am completely self-taught in this world, more than 10 years ago I dedicate myself to making soaps, I am passionate, and I make cosmetics for myself and my family, thank you very much for receiving me in this forum, greetings.
  • SPMXSPMX Member
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a licensed esthetician and have been formulating skincare & cosmetic products for a little over 12 years for my company and other small businesses. I’m looking to move into formulating hair care products as well. 

    Thanks for having me and I’m excited to be here.
  • Hi. My name is Marie. I'm new in this website and new in the Cosmetic world. My background is Finance. But I've been teaching myself with the basics of cosmetic formulation. Looking forward to learning from the pros.
  • kcrysskcryss Member
    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Chris and I live in the US.  I actually work in computer science but started a journey to find a way to clean my hair without stripping it of natural oils a few months ago. I'm currently stuck at finding a way to make and preserve what I'm using so that it doesn't have to be made fresh before each washing.
    I would love to help others here, but I fear my lack of knowledge will prevent that unless someone has a computer related issue. :smiley:
  • Unknown Member
    Hi! I'm San from Indonesia. I just being formulation staff in cosmetic industry. My background is clinical Pharmacy and the other side I really interest about cosmetic formulation. Very nice to find this forum.  I look forward  to learning, discussion, sharing with you all!
  • Hi, my names Sheila I am new in Skin Care and starting a business. I love working with organic plants and look forward to sharing advice.

  • Hello, everyone!
    My name is Amanda and I've been a Registered Nurse for eleven years. I've always loved skincare and makeup. My years of experience as a consumer have often been full of products that irritated my sensitive skin. I recently began the process to establish my own brand of cosmetics. It's amazing to have a resource such as this site, and I look forward to learning as much as I can. 

    Best wishes!
    Amanda Hill, RN
  • Unknown Member
    Hello! I'm Arianna. I am co-founder of a startup called Roselle Cosmetics. We are trying to make organic and vegan makeup at affordable prices. I don't have any formal chem training, so I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here. 
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    Hello... My name is Esther. I am from Nigeria. I saw this forum online and read few stuffs which got me interested. I seriously want to learn about skincare and haircare and how to make it in the industry. I will be graduating from school this year... Please if you can help me, I will really appreciate. Thanks. 

    I also would want to have my skincare line and hairline. Admin kindly tell me where to start from please. 
  • Hello! My name is Sophie and I'm a beginning entrepreneur. I make my own cosmetics and I have a couple of questions I want to find answers to. I use only natural ingredients, such as oils and minerals and I hope to gain my audience :)
  • Hi I’m Maria, I have been formulating for a few years now but have only recently come through breakthroughs in understanding the chemistry behind formulating and how the ingredients react together/in general on your body. I have been going to this forum for answers and am very excited to be part of it now, you can follow me on Instagram for now @_mallow_mui_ as this is the only form of social media I have at the moment. I made it about a month ago to gain followers and eventually promote my eco friendly products. My goal is to make a high quality/performing organic eco friendly zero waste shampoo, conditioner, bath and beauty line.
  • Hi... I'm Katherine and am from the foothills of Northern California. I'm a pharmacist who in 2011, after developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes, became interested in making my own soaps and skin care products. I've been following and learning from Susan Barclay of Swift Crafty Monkey, and Maria Rayma of Humblebee and Me for several years... Perry, it was actually through Susan's blog that I learned about you a few years ago! I was very happy to stumble upon this forum; I thank you for allowing my membership.  It had always been a career goal of mine to transition my pharmacy practice from public policy to specializing in formulating and compounding personal care products but having acquired fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue changed msany aspects of life. It's only been recently that I've felt well enough to finally work towards achieving my goal. To that end, and with my husband's support, I shall enroll in formal coursework to establish a firm foundation.  I look forward to learning from the vast array of experienced formulators in this forum and, looking ahead, hope to also be able to be a positive contributor to discussions.
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm maxwell, and I have a degree in pure and industry chemistry.

    I currently work as a Production chemist for an  indigenous company right here in Lagos,
    Nigeria. Part of my job function requires that I formulate new and exciting products especially lotions, body creams, soaps and body serums and so on.

    In the near future, I intend to start a small scale factory to produce organic based cosmetics products for local and international markets. 

    This forum is a great resource and I am so greatful that am part the number.
    Looking forward to meeting nice, creative, and humble personalities here..

    Thank you.
  • Hello everyone, I'm Amy. 

    I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and am a university professor conducting research and teaching in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering (in Canada).

    My research has focussed on biomaterial constructs for skin tissue regeneration, nanoparticles for delivery of active agents and recently extraction of plant chemicals. 

    I previously ran a small company making mineral cosmetics, and have happily made creams lotions etc for myself and family.

    I'm here now because I love learning and making, and I would like to link my research background and experience into the practical avenue of consumer products.
  • Hello, I'm Justina... A cosmetic formulator for over 3 yrs. I work with a new cosmetic firm thats into skincare, hair care product and makeup. I hope to broaden my knowledge in this group of highly experienced scientists and as well give back. Thanks for accepting me
  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Margeaux and I live in California. I have a science degree, though not cosmetic science specifically and have been formulating at home for many years now. What stared as a way to control the quality and chemicals that I put on my skin has become a pretty passionate hobby with perhaps an eye to launching a product line one day.

    Although the more I learn about what that takes, the more daunting it seems. I'm sure this story has been told before: I share creations with my friends, they LOVE it, I should "sell this," etc. They have NO idea how complicated it can be! It seems, due to regulations and testing, that this is a tough industry to start small and test your ideas out to see if demand is there. It feels like you need a bunch of capital and be ready to jump "all in." I would love any ideas on starting small if this can be done.

    I'm here to help when I can with what I DO know, but also because on some matters of chemistry, no matter how hard I Google I hit a certain WALL where the information I need cannot be found. Over the years I have stumbled on some of this elusive information, but there are times when I just don't know what else to put in the search box to find what I need.

    Looking forward to learning!

  • Hey, my name is Mariam, im from Norway and im in the start of making my own shampoos and conditioners, and hopefully other products in the future.
    I joined this sight because of the knowledge that i see i can get from it and hopefully i can help someone else as well.
     I have little knowledge when it comes to formulating products, but it really seems like something i will enjoy and get something good out of ones i get started properly. 
    Its also amazing to see that there is a open forum for everyone no matter the level of understanding you have for the science behind cosmetics.

    Thank you Perry. :smiley:

  • ZafZaf Member
    I'm just working on DIY formulations and I guess feel like I'm not really sure what I'm doing.
    I'm interested in making effective moisturizers incorporating natural (namely plant) ingredients. I have psoriasis and am looking at better adjunctives to my current treatment and kinda fell into the hole of making homemade butters for my son who still has skin issues (though much better now!)... and it's become a bit of a hobby that's gotten away with itself?
    I have considered selling what I make but really just enjoying creating things for myself. Maybe someday when they're *perfect*?
    I'm continually doing research and kinda a bit of a science/medicine nerd, so, who knows?
  • Hello I am Lisa. 
  • Hi all.
    I'm Rebecca and I'm a massage therapist in Alaska.

    I'm trying to formulate market worthy anhydrous products for a home business with body butters being my main focus. It sounds so simple but I'm already running into some unexpected results. I find herbs interesting and fun to work with so that's something that I'm incorporating and I'm aiming to keep things on the more natural side of the spectrum. 

    I don't have any education or formal training, just trying to do as much research as I can. I find formulating really fun and interesting and I think it's important for one to enjoy their work.  
  • Hello  :)

    My name is Alma. I was born and raised in NYC, now residing in Louisiana.
    I'm an artist and I was a stay-at-home mom and proud of it! I loved staying home raising my kids and I miss it so much. 

    My kids are now in College and i have a lot of time on my hands and been interested in learning how to formulate.  I have no experience but i am determined to learn and work hard when i set my mind on something.  I always enjoyed surrounding myself with people who are BRAINIACS since i'm totally far from being a "whiz" and am a free-spirited, creative -live - for -the moment type person/artist. 

    Has anyone taken an online course with Personal Care Science?"  I need to learn all about formulating and youtube isn't going to cut it for me.

    I look forward to picking your brains out!  :)  

  • Hello, Everyone
    My name is chelsea
    I am starting a new line  of soap and cleaning products to our family business and soon i want to open a cosmetic line with my Daughter.
  • Hi everyone,
    My background is in Pharmacy but I am here as a hobbyist. I am experimenting with making hair and skincare products (mainly conditioner) for my family and myself. I am thankful to have found a resource such as this.
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