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Every year I take some time to write down goals for the coming year. Putting them down on paper makes them real and ensures that I make plans to achieve them or modify them as the year progresses. This year I felt inspired to write down a few goals for cosmetic chemists and scientists, these are my wishes for the industry.

1. Get involved. A group of educators, science and engineering professionals, and many others have launched a new initiative to reinvigorate science and math education in the nation’s schools. Our products touch the lives of students in many ways so we are in a great position to communicate science in way that’s tangible. Visit National Lab Day to see how you can get involved. Other associations like the American Chemical Society support events for National Chemistry Week and more. It’s easy to get involved and the feeling you get from making a difference is worth the effort.

2. Play. Let your creativity run wild. Scientists are often left out of the loop in product concept brainstorms. Let’s change that. Discover new product vehicles, combinations of ingredients, and other unexpected results by setting aside some time, maybe just an hour on Friday afternoons to experiment or research something that interests you. Don’t forget to escape the office cubicle for inspiration. Nature, art museums, shopping malls, etc. can provide a more enlivening environment where you might uncover some.

3. Take a Class. Challenge yourself to learn about a topic you may not be familiar with, cosmetic science or otherwise. You never known what you will learn and it might prove incredibly useful. For example, I just had an eye-opening course in microbiology in the University of Cincinnati’s Cosmetic Science program. And I’m planning to take some classes at a culinary institute this coming year; one involves de-boning and entire chicken (wish me luck!). The choice is up to you. Just keep learning.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Cheers! -Kelly

What are your goals for the upcoming year?  Leave a comment below and let us know.



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    I love Goal #2.
    Last year I worked to adjust my schedule to have Friday afternoons open in my schedule and “hid” in my lab, playing at the bench. At first I just tried making odd and ends types of formulas or going after the lines of my “If I could only make a ____” list. It turned out to be amazingly successful and paid off with multiple formulations and even a couple of products that marketing moved forward with. I attribute the high success rate to the lack of stress in the situation. Now my supervisors and marketers consider my friday afternoon as sacred. The R&D director is promoting Friday afternoon “play” time to the other chemists. They keep the day free from meetings for me and even stop by to play panelist and try out my concoctions. It’s been win-win.

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    Great post! I already signed up for the National Lab day and will likely go to a local school and help with their science fair.

    I love the idea of taking a class. Every cosmetic scientist should take something. If you stop learning your brain starts to atrophy.

    Other goals.

    1. Start your own blog. It’s easy and the world could benefit from your experiences.

    2. Increase your social network connections. You can do this by getting more involved with the SCC or become more active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Virtual connections are nearly as good as face-to-face ones. (Feel free to invite us to connect with you on these sites)

    3. Develop 1 idea. Go through the process of coming up with ideas, filtering them down to your best one, and seeing it all the way through to the end. It can be a product, an experiment, some kind of invention, or anything that makes the world a better place.

    I love this time of year. It is just so full of possibilities.

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