Cosmetic Science lesson 1

This lesson introduces you to the cosmetic industry. It includes information about the following topics

  • Definition of a cosmetic
  • Market size of the cosmetic industry
  • Distribution of sales around the world
  • Types of companies in the cosmetic industry
  • Jobs that scientists do in the industry

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    Thank you for the great overview

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    Interesting as general information. Thanks.

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    thank you for this useful informations. here in africa we experience a lot of job accumulation especially in the research and developement and laboratory department.

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    Thanks for the overview, never thought scientist in cosmetic industry actually can be divided into several dept.!

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    Thank you for the great overview about the cosmetic field! Much appreciated

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    Amazing video, thanks a lot

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    This was really attention gripping and not boring at all. I learned a lot, including that perfumes are cosmetics

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    Thanks so much Perry for this explicit breakdown of cosmetics.
    Never knew that soap is not a cosmetic.
    This lecture has actually broaden my cosmetics knowledge.

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    This is great! Thank you so much. I have just attended a training on making skin care products. I would like to be a formulator, rocstar. This video had given a great background and shown me where on this industry.

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    Nina Ngandewe

    Thanks very much for the video. It was very informative, I wish every science school could provide such details about possible careers for students as many don’t know what to do beside QC after graduation. I’m looking forward to the next video.

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    Nadia Z

    Wonderful breakdown of careers under the cosmetic industry umbrella. Thank you for this informative introduction into the Giant Cosmetic industry.

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    Angela King

    Hi Perry, I just received an education on products that i’ve been using for at least two decades. Not knowing that there were so many categories of cosmetics. Thanks a million. I will be watching all your videos – i’m sure more than once to grasp the full knowledge which you are sharing.
    Thanks again.

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    Nyc video … thank u so much

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    Susan Walmer

    Great introduction to the cosmetic industry.

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    This is quite a lovely case and am so excited for finding you. Can’t wait to go through the other modules. Really appreciate all the work u put into this

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    I really appreciate it, thanks to you perry

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    It was interesting to find out what is considered a cosmetic. I am looking forward to the next three videos

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    It’s a formative and great. Thank you

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    Christine James

    I’m into making anti-aging skin and body cream. I only do it for me and my family. Now that I’ve seen your video, I’m taking it to a higher level.
    Perry, your video was very informative.
    Thanks a million.

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    Thank you so much for the information, Perry! I particularly found your breakdown of all the different jobs that are available for scientists helpful as someone who just got her Bachelor’s and is trying to figure out where exactly I want to aim to go in the industry.

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    laban nega miano

    thanks for this useful information. am currently in detergent making business and my current focus is starting a cosmetic line.

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    Michael Joyce

    Great overview of the different categories of the Cosmetic industry and the potential job opportunities for Cosmetic
    Chemists. Looking forward to Lesson 2.

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    Very informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing!

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    Overwhelming and a bit scary how big the industry is but also exciting. Great overview! Looking forward to the next bit of info.

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    Very good and interesting video!

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    Thanks! It was interesting.

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    Thank you very much for important information.

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    Thanks Perry, it was very inspiring video, looking forward to see the next.

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    Really good information as an overview of cosmetic industry. it helps me to make a wise decision which is suitable for me in my next career. however, i dont have any certified in cosmetics or chemistry related course. for me i have a strong passion in chemistry and cosmetics is a great way to start. i stop learning chemistry after i graduate from secondary school, get into a course which is not so much of my choice. as a working adult with years of working experience i didnt get a chance to be in chemistry or any science related jobs of my choice. went for interviews but no luck. fighting for survival and getting a job of my dreams is really hard in my country. hoping to switch career soon and continue study chemistry. wish me luck for my future.

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    Kaitlynn Lewis

    Do you have a copy of the script?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Sorry, I don’t yet have transcripts of the lessons.

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    Endlex victor Okechukwu

    Thanks Perry for the great information on cosmetics, your teaching really explained the wide range of cosmetics industry, I really appreciate your information,
    But let me quickly inform you that am interested in cosmetics formulating course but I don’t have full knowledge of chemicals, what’s your advice to me?

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    Gabriela Georgieva

    Interesting and simple introduction to the business. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the information, very interesting.

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    I learnt alot ahhhhhh
    So interesting
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    Wow, that was awesome!! A course filled with really good and useful information. Thank you

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    it is contain extremely helpful information. thank you so much.

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    Lesson 1 was very informational and interesting to me. It covered some of the areas in the cosmetic industry which gave me a better understanding of what I’m required to do next. I thank you!

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    Thanks a lot. It is really informative. I gave got a clue how I could start my career.

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    Can’t wait to get to the science part

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    Great intro for someone really looking to enter this field. So many things about this career field aren’t really easily found on the internet so I look forward to the next video!

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    Interesting and informative. Thanks for the info on all of the related career

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    Very interesting 🙂

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    Marilia F. Rosa

    Hi Perry, thank you so much for sharing this video! I am a (recent graduate) chemical engineer interested in pursuing a career in the cosmetic industry. I’m sure this videos will be very helpful for me to find out what job is better for me.

    Greetings from Brazil!

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    I like the video. It was very informative. It also gave me a direction of where I want to be after college.

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      Thank you for the informative information

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    I appreciate this overview. I found it interesting that the US and EU are a bit different when it comes to regulatory practices and enjoyed the breakdown of the market globally. Thanks, for taking the time do this.

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    This was very informative and explained in a very simple and to the point.Thank you so much for making this.

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    Dee-Ann Prather

    A very informative video. The overview of the industry was excellent – from the size and geographic distribution to the various sectors within the industry. The discussion on roles within the industry and opportunities for jobs was excellent.

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    Thank you !

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    Thank you so much for sharing with us your wealth of knowledge.

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    Great lesson! 🙂
    Where could I find the most current Total Annual Global Sales and additional information about the market?
    Thank you

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      Perry Romanowski

      Search our website for that info

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    This video is so good.. I love it .
    I will watch it over and over again
    … Is not only educational but also inspirational

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    Solid high level overview that is not encumbered with minutia.

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    Thank you, Perry, for this informative introduction. I’m looking forward to the rest of the lessons.

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    Nice! I am new to the field so this is a great introduction and overview. I am looking forward to the other video lessons. Thank you!

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    I want to own my own testing house, can you be more detailed about what is done at a testing house? Can you be a formulator at a testing house..if so, what do you do if your run out of ideas for research? Also, the testing done at a testing house, is it the same as Research and Development?

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    This was a very informative video. I wish I knew about this when I was younger and in college. I would have maybe looked into this as a career. Please keep providing information.

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    I wish they had shown that to us when I was in beauty collage it would have been helpful.
    I felt that the scope was quite comprehensive and easy to understand.good graphics and easy pacing. my only thing was your reference to face painting as just a women thing struck me as being a bit behind the times on the street. you would be well enlightened to know that many straight men in business not related to Hollywood use make up its a market yet untapped in this country to its fullest extent….maybe some day. but that not being my point. .which is I look forward to the next one even as I follow on youtube . thank you

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    Very informative about the industry as a whole.

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    Great introduction, wish I had seen it when I first started looking into the industry. I am still not certain of just what the analytical department does, though.

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    Thank you so much for that video. I did a chemistry degree but I have found it very difficult to see the applications. I thought I would have a look more into Cosmetic Chemistry and you are providing the taster that I really need. Thank you for breaking down exactly where it is best to start out and what role would suit particular types of people. I love Chemistry and problem solving, so the lab is where I need to be

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    Hi Perry,
    Very good presentation for me who is new in the cosmetics industry. One question please: What is the good concentration (in %) of ethanol to put in cosmetic for preservation? Thanks in advance.

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      Perry Romanowski

      You would need at least 20% ethanol to work as a preservative in a system.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, nail care products are cosmetics.

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      Oops, meant “Chemist Corner” not “Cosmetic Corner”

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    The fact that deoderant is a cosmetic, & anti-perspirant is classified as an O.T.C. drug is a good illustration of the specifics of the Food & Drug Administration’s regulatory purview.
    Thanks for including me in your course. Best regards-

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      Perry Romanowski

      You could have an associates degree and get a job as a technician who would do the actual color mixing of pigments.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Depends on what type of job you want but there are more BS/MS chemistry people in the cosmetic industry than there are chemical engineers.

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      Perry Romanowski

      You’ll probably have to start as a chemical engineer but you could probably switch to formulating if you want.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for the comments. 44 is just my favorite number & Ruthenium = 44th element

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      Great news! Yes, cosmetic chemists are the ones who make Proactive and SkinID

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      Okay, you have have no relevant degrees, you would need at least a bachelors in chemistry or biology or both. If you are doing biology, make sure you pick relevant papers such as microbiology, cellular/molecular biology, biochemistry or even genetics. Usually cosmetic scientist have a chemist degree. If you go for a chemistry degree, you’d probably want to specialize in emulsions, organics or maybe even analytic chemistry. I’m from New Zealand so I’m not sure how the system would work in your country, but do try to go for internships or studentships your university will provide. You could even offer to volunteer to work in a lab during the summer (preferably in your last year of your degree). In New Zealand, there is very little opportunity so you might actually get a job in a nutrition lab first as a QA or a compounder, then land a job at a cosmetics manufacturer. Enthusiasm is a must. Also, a good way to start is by researching the effects of chemicals used in everyday skincare that you may use to be more knowledgeable in this area. A good, trustable website is

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