This online, e-Learning program allows you to learn best
practices from two of the top performing sales
professionals in chemical sales today.

If you are a results-driven individual looking for practical,
real-world information and tools, ChemSalesNow can
immediately help you grow your business.

Learn how to sell ingredients and raw materials in the cosmetic industry

ChemSalesNow Training

Founded in 2010, ChemSalesNow training is available on-line and in-person.

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Introductory offer of $495 for 10-hours of video based e-learning.
It’s easy to get started and simple to use. Up your selling skills in no time!
Participants in this fast-paced, interactive sales training course will significantly
improve their understanding of the value-based sales process and how to apply this
process to the specific needs of the commodity based chemical industry.


Insight on Jane Pinda

Hi! My name is Jane Pinda Hansen.
I am the author of ChemSalesNow, a Multi level sales strategy course.I am a speaker, presenter, and motivator with over 33 years of industry experience. I have had a remarkable career servicing the Cosmetic and food Industries as a Chemist, District Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Key Account Manager, and Vice President of Sales. I have demonstrated consistent double digit growth from my territories, as well as through the teams I have managed, winning many awards, trophies and accolades. I have created inside sales departments before they were known in the industry. My inside teams and sales representatives today continue to execute record revenue with reduced attrition, through top notch customer service and “es·prit de corps”. My secret to success is I lead through example and share wins and loses with my teams. I am pivotal when it comes to team sales execution. I search for the road map to success wherever I may go. I am a board member and involved with five charitable organizations. I am a member of the SCC since 1987, and WFFC since 2011.
Welcome to ChemSalesNow!

Details about the course

The course features 10 hours of sales training in 9 modules including

1. Introduction to the cosmetic industry
2. Working with a corporate team
3. Identifying markets
4. Platforming your sales
5. Finding new opportunities
6. Customer service
7. Conquering and executing the sale
8. Tips for maintaining & generating repeat sales
9. Prospecting for new clients

Bonus material

  • In addition to the video lessons, each module includes worksheets to
    help you build strong salesmanship skills and develop tools needed to succeed.
  • Helpful resources that will quickly get you up to speed on the cosmetic industry allowing you to quickly discover opportunities.
  • Receive a certificate to add to your resume which will help you in finding a job in the future.