How to change your profile

Forums are friendly places and sometimes it’s nice to share a picture of you. In this video we explain how to change elements of your profile.


  1. Ghassan

    Thank you for this information Mr. Perry, but I have wondered if allowed:
    1 — Is it possible to get a file documenting this information with percentages allowed for each material used in combination?
    2 — Can I squint chemically sodium silicate to (a) the simplest possible way so as not to provide this silicon in my country now?

  2. Ghassan

    Thank you for your attention and also for inviting me to participate online : Cosmetic Science forum .
    I tried to subscribe online, but encountered a small problem is what is meant by the phrase :
    Humanity Check… Not bots allowed!What is four plus three?
    I tried to register but did not succeed because of this paragraph?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      you just need to answer the question 4+3

      1. Ghassan

        Thank you Mr. Perry: I’ve tried to put this answer simply = 7, but I failed?

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