Video 1: Essential things for formulators to know



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    very intresting good job

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    Ayman Baydoun

    Thank you so very much Perry!
    the information helpful.

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    Mao HENG

    Thanks a lots. Good Job!

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    Hi Perry, I totally agree with the 7 points, is hard to know the information but there is always people ho are willing to teach, like you. Thanks for the videos!!

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    Joyce Bonner

    Hi Perry,
    Can’t wait to learn all I can, thanks for your genorosity and desire to give back.

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    Thanks Perry for another awesome, informative video!

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    Gift Afful

    Hello Perry i really loved your video. Its inspiring to see you help out people with interest in the cosmetic industry. With a degree in chemistry and a keen interest in cosmetic chemistry, i hope to learn a lot from you to help me kick-start with my formulations. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you this wonderful video of Mr. Perry

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    Wade Wong

    I left a message here about the content of the training course and waited for answer. It suddenly disappeared. Did I do something wrong?

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      Perry Romanowski

      No, you didn’t do anything wrong. All comments have to be manually approved. I just didn’t get around to reading it until just now. Thanks for the comments!

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    I am more interested in the nail polish formulation. I want to custom blended nail polish color one bottle at a time. We have the equipment. I need magenta, cyan, yellow and black color only. These 4 colors’ value have to be exact and be consistent. Would your training course show us where to find the ingredients suppliers or finished product for the nail polish? Do you have the formula to mix the colorant and the base?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Our training course is more focused on the overall job of being a cosmetic chemist. So we don’t specifically dive deep into formulating nail polish. We do have a section on it but it is a small part of the overall course.

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        Where can I find nail polish supplier in US. All I need is magenta, yellow, cyan and black. I’ll take red, green, blue and white if the first choice is not available. I try to skip the mixing process.

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    hyungjae lee

    Thank you so much

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    Thanks alot for the info.
    I am intrested on your formulation course but when i think of getting raw materials i have no idea of those are available in the local market ..if not then i cant do practical.

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    Gloria Penn

    I am very much interested in knowing how to formulate my own products, but at this time will not be able to move in this direction. I am very interested in finding a person or persons who can help up market out products. They are 100% natural with both natural and organic ingredients. If you know of such a person who does excellent work or is very knowledgeable in this area, please let me know.

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    Yekeen Oyelami

    Excellent Presentation. Look forward to more


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    Diana Bernard

    Hi Perry,
    I love the videos! I need to learn more about raw materials and uses of different surfactants ~ my manufacturer also likes your site and we talk about ideas you bring up. Thanks again for a wealth of info ~

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    How talk to a biochemist about making a formula foundation?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Biochemists typically don’t do formulations. you need to speak with a cosmetic chemist about that.

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    Adeola Adeleke

    Very enlightened. Great work.!!! I am looking forward to be a great cosmetics formulator.I want to learn how to become a formulator.

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    Adeola Adeleke

    Very enlightened. Great work.!!! I am looking forward to be a great cosmetics formulator.

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    Great! Looking forward to vid 2.

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    Antonios Charalambides

    The quality of video 1 essential things for formulators is extremely low and could not follow at all. can you please forward it again. Thank you.

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      Perry Romanowski

      I’ve changed up the hosting and hopefully that has improved the streaming quality

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    These videos stopped playing on Firefox before completion.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what the technical problem is but I made some changes to the settings so hopefully it works now.

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    Jay K

    I try to open the trial video. Audio work , but no visual . What kind of software program required for this.
    Thank you.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello – I use Google Chrome browser and it works fine. What browser are you using?

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    Opal Griffith

    Hello, I would like to take this course because, for some time now I have wanted to create a hand cream and lip gloss line. However, I do not see anywhere when the course starts. Can you let me know A.S.A.P. . Thank you. Opal Griffith

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Opal – The course begins when you sign up. After you register you will get an email telling you how to access the first module. Then you will get a new module every 2 weeks until you’ve gotten all 9 modules. You can study at your own pace.

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    Jeremia P. Tjienda

    Loved the video. I wish i could do the course but I can’t afford it right now.

    I intend to start my own product line some day when I have a good understanding of how to go about it.

    Thanks for the information.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for the comments. Hopefully, you find the future videos useful too.

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    Jinesh Majithia

    You also need to know which class your product is aimed at, and who the class leader are and why. So that you can formulate at least with this class leader so that you can at least give your best shot!!

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      Perry Romanowski

      Great point!

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    thanks so much for a very interesting film.
    Warmest Regards.

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    Hashim Ahmed

    Dear Perry really thanks a lot for your interesting topic since am now starting to develop cosmetics manufacturing industry. Keep it up!
    Hashim A( Bachler of pharmacy,MBA General ,BA in Management)

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    Daniel Yau

    Hi Perry,

    Pls adv how is this course different from the previous “Practical Cosmetic formulating”?


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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Daniel – this course is the same as the one offered last year. We are opening it to new students. There will also be a bit more new information

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    Anna Ranti

    dear Perry,
    Thank you very much for the good and practical key information.
    This video is very interesting and important and can help many people to learn how to formulate.

    best regards,

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    Thank you dear Perry

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    Ali Akbar Babaei

    Mr perry, your Site is one of the best sites about cosmetics,
    Best regards for you

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    Hi Perry !
    Thanks for compiling ALL the requirements for a formulator.
    keen to see your videos

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    ali hosseini

    Hello Perry, thanks so much for a very interesting film.

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    Thank you for your tip,i will start your course plz keep in touch
    Regards Seid

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    Ron Morony

    Good broad summary of what you need to know

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    Marleen Maras

    Hello Perry, thanks again for a very interesting film. This comes at a very good moment when I have been making a few products with advise of a more skilled formulator, but indeed I have been looking for a good book that helps me to understand better the basics of formulating. In my search for this kind of formulating, I have already been spending too much monney on trash information. I will definitely order your basic book. In your film I recognise a lot: I am a scientist and struggling on finding my way in the cosmetics world. Kind regards! Marleen

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      Perry Romanowski

      In our course, we go over formulations for a number of different cosmetics.

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