I came across many polyglyceryl esters and often confused which ester to use in a formulation. For example how do i know when to use polyglyceryl-2 caprate, polyglyceryl-3 caprate and polyglyceryl-4 caprate? Based on HLB value?


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  • @Perry if silicone is not soluble then it won't be a clear shampoo? How can i get a clear shampoo without silicone?
  • the pH I get at the end is the 8
  • when I add the copolymer to anionic surfactant I get white precipitate. anybody encounter this as well.
  • I found that SLS causes my copolymer to be runny,not thicken
  • I did add more salt but the viscosity remains the same. Currently my shampoo is like water, I would like something more viscous than water
  • @Taher can I know the viscosity of the shampoo?
  • currently i am using polyglyceryl-4 caprate which i believed is categories as naturally derived. please correct me if i am wrong
  • We are looking for something that is naturally derived
  • The problem is there are request for natural and PEG free
  • you are planning to make o/w or w/o lotion?
  • I would like to suggest Propylene glycol diheptanoate (Trade name: Jolee 7202) from Oleon. It gives a nice powdery feel at the end. The best part is it is a natural molecule.
  • You should first dissolve the glutamides in an oil. Becareful with the oil you choose it should be stable because glutamides dissolve at a very high temperature (120 deg C). Once it is dissolve mix with other ingredient at about 80 deg C while stirr…
  • i think you can try using polyglycerol esters which have high HLB
  • I will try formulating with these ingredientsthanks for the input
  • @bobzchemist I have difficulties achieving my SPF for formulations with low viscosity.Therefore I thought of adding and ingredient with thixotropy behaviour in order to achieve the SPF but at the same time exhibits easy spreading and nice feel.It ca…
  • @belassi thank for your reply is there any other alcohol that gives this propertysuch as behenyl alcohol
  • @bobzchemist you suggest to investigate if the crystals of cetyl alcohol at RT will disrupt the lamellar layer form by lecithin. Can i know how can we do this? Through TEM?
  • @nedazirakzadeh how do i define the incompatibilities with my formula
  • @Bill_Toge Thank you for your opinionSorry I made a mistake on the previous statementOil phase + water + emulsifier :SPF=7 Oil phase + emulsifier :SPF 30 (like calculated) I will try to change the emulsifer used. Currently I am using an anionic emul…
  • I checked the SPF on the following combination Oil phase + water + emulsifier :SPF=30 (like calculated)Oil phase + emulsifier :SPF 30 (like calculated) With this results can i say hydrolysis occur in the formulation? Please advise
  • However I did the SPF test on the oil phase alone and got the expected SPF value (SPF 30) Oil PhaseAvobenzone- 5%Octoocrylene - 4%Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate- 7.5%Benzophenone-3 - 1%Ethylhexyl Salicylate - 5%Uvinul A Plus - 2%Triethylhexanoin -10% I…
  • by standard stability test you are referring to 5C, room temperature and 45C?
  • @makingskincare thank you for the information. I would like to know if I am only using 1 type of emulsifier (either w/o or o/w emulsifier) will the phase transformation still takes place? If this still takes place then in a normal o/w emulsion I ass…
  • we use refractometer to check on the refractive index. by this we know the properties of emollients such as which give a more glossy or shinning look. another usage of refractometer is also to study the stability of an isotropic emulsion.
  • Hi everyone I am Stephanie from Malaysia. Unlike many of you all here I have only started working in an oleochemical company a year back. Just recently I have move to the application mainly focusing in cosmetic. I find this blog very interesting. I …
  • Refering to the ingredients above, in your opinion which holds the more responsible in forming a gel?The copolymer or the glyceryl oleate?
  • @Bobzchemist Thank you for your inputThe below article stated that they measure the gel stiffness in C value penetrationPlease have a look
  • can somebody tell me how is gel stiffness measurement is made?through rheometer or penetrometer?and how does the C value quantify the gel stiffness? Thank you so much for your input
  • ok thanks. can anyone tell me other possibilities of bad performance?
  • @bobzchemist I am just guessing. Sometimes the the heavy metal comes from the reactor tankI have customer complaining that my glyceryl oleate is not giving the same gel stiffness as the previous supplier. I was just wondering what is the chemistry b…

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