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  • @chemicalmatt they had made the batch on a Thursday but waited until Monday to fill it.  I was told they had only reheated to ~35-40C and it was transferred using a diaphragm pump. Chances are it could have heated way past 40C.  But I took some left…
  • Thanks @Pharma, I did some searching on here through older posts and found that the trolamine would I guess kind of activate the stearic acid and help with the emulsification. I mixed trolamine into the water (pH was 8.5) before adding the oil to t…
  • @letsalcido for otc labeling, the inactive ingredients can be listed in alphabetical order so that makes it a little trickier when trying to determine use level. I do not have a sample of the product yet but when I get it, I will try that out.  
  • That is water 
  • Someone had mentioned that benzalkonium chloride and betaine react together to form benzoic acid and maybe thats falling out of solution, but I can't find any information supporting that, thoughts?
  • It is the babyganics foaming hand sanitizer. INCI: Benzalkonium Chloride (0.1%), Inactive: Water, Cetrimonium Chloride, Laurtrimonium Chloride, Dihydroxyethyl Cocamine Oxide, Glycereth-17 Cocoate, Citric Acid, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Triethyl C…
  • @lmosca we tested competitor product that contained 0.1% BZK to see if maybe it was an error with our method and that tested at 0.098 and 0.088% BZK.  The past few batches I have made we've added 20% more bzk and they are now testing out in spec but…
  • @ozgirl yes the raw material solution is testing at 0.55% BZK so you would think that our finished product would be testing at a higher level of BZK.  I've tried to get in contact with our supplier but no response yet, but I've been using an older l…
  • Visually we do not see anything precipitating out. But something is causing it to not test at the correct level. The last few batches we have tested have come out at 0.10% BZK when it should be 0.13% BZK.
  • You need to better solubilize the menthol.  Try adding 20% propylene glycol to your alcohol phase and that should help give you a nice smooth, clear gel.
  • Not sure if you still needed help on this but cutting down on water and add a lot of propylene glycol/glycerin will give you a nice clear gel.  I use 20% propylene and 30% ipa for a 6% menthol gel
  • @Pharma Thank you!! @ngarayeva001 good to know, thanks! I am using euxyl PE 9010.  The phases are being combined at 70-75C, will the preservative hold its efficacy at that temperature?  
  • Like I said, I am new to this company and I do not have any experience formulating drug products.. only cosmetics.  It was a request from a customer to put it in at 20%, for itch relief, and they have been making the product for years now.  I believ…
  • @Pharma  this product will be used for feminine care.  I recently started working for a new company and it is a product they have been making, however they are having trouble scaling it up with that much benzocaine so I have been tasked with resolvi…
  • Thank you I will try these recommendations out!
  • @Pharma thank you for the explanation! and yes it contains hydrocortisone, I need to achieve a consistency similar to that of the cortisone creams so I wasn't sure if those ingredients above were more so for texture or if they had a different purpos…
  • @Perry it is an anti-itch cream, similiar to cortizone 
  • thanks everyone! I've made up one gel with HEC and it looks nice now, we will see how it holds up overtime. @chemicalmatt I'm working on a different formulation (a lotion) with veegum R in it now but it doesn't seem to add any viscosity.  I have it…
  • @Fekher Thanks I will try that out! 
  • @Fekher I've tried a few different ways with heat.. I've dispersed the carbopol 940 and heated to 50C until hydrated, added the menthol directly in, and then neutralized and also neutralized first and then added the menthol but either way once the c…

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