Please advise  I made anhydrous body balm and used Beeswax to hold it all together however, the balm soon developed some whiteish particles that I was advised could be bloom.  Please how can I get rid of this bloom or what other alternatives can I use. 


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  • thank you Perry. 
  • Thank you Natzam, will try this out. 
    in PH Comment by bella82 January 7
  • Pharma, am really new to formulation but I have always believed that one has to add some sort of acid to adjust an aqueous formulation. And citric acid being affordable; has mostly been the acid of choice. Everyday being a school day; please advise …
    in PH Comment by bella82 January 6
  • This is the formula.  I don’t see any Na0h in the formula. Is 1% citric not recommended  water       qs glycerin    5%Caprylic Capric Triglycerides 10%Petrolatum 8%Shea Butter 3%Cetearyl alcohol 3%Parfum qs preservative 1%Citric acid 1% Ph is 2.2 …
    in PH Comment by bella82 January 6
  • Well am having the same problem and it seems it’s the Beeswax. I read somewhere that reducing it to 75% and adding in microcrystalline wax 25% would solve the blooming problem. Haven’t tried it yet though. 
  • Thank you for the advice. I am based in England. 
  • Apologies for the abbreviations.  Tgis is the formulation  water                                67% glycerin.                            2.2% cetearyl peg 20 steerate   4.5% cetearyl/sorbitan olivate.   2.2% cocoa butter                       15% m…
  • Gunther, I am going to try out the leave on. But please, am pretty new to formulating and I don’t know what qs would stand for. 
  • Thank you so much 
  • I have revised it to coconut oil 30% Cetearyl alcohol 10%. glycerine 10% caprylic 5% Btms 1.2% Does the amount of Cetearyl alcohol I use matter? Is it restricted in quantities?  Can I use Guar in place of btms? Is is a better product 
  • I have removed the peg40. And reduced the oil. Wasn’t planning on using water. Wanted to add glycerin as a solvent.  The reason I have very little btms is because anything above that level will be very irritating for me on a leave on product. I have…
  • The article says up to 0.25% on leave ons. But some sites like Aromantic say 1%-10%. Am abit confused now. 
    in BTMS 50 Comment by bella82 August 2019

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