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  • @MarkBroussard i will try that combination , Thanks  But is the percentage of benzyl alcohol in the formulation okay? There is no risk?@MarkBroussard @belassi @chemist77 @em88And talking about the preservation and stability of the product, this was …
  • Hey @Chemist77 @MarkBroussard Thanks for the advice, these were very useful. I have achieved the desired consistency in the final product. Apparently, the problem was the heating temperature, raise the temperature to about 85 ° C, and I have separa…
  • @MarkBroussard @Chemist77  i trying to replicate a formula i have fully developed from a formulary. The goal is producing something like this: …
  • @MarkBroussard  @Chemist77  Here is the formulation Ingredient                         % Water                                59,1Propylene Glycol                2,7Benzil Alcohol                    0,5Polysorbate 20                   2,0PEG 7 Glyc…
  • Yes, the c-25 is 21% in the mix  Thanks @MarkBroussard , I will try it  The goal is producing something like this:
  • I study chemistry and  i like the topic of cosmetical chemistry  but this in my country is a pharmaceutical chemistry student business  For this reason I ask the above questions and not make a wrong formulation "Have you also considered PEG Bu…
  • @Microformulation Could you suggest some books for that? 
  • thanks so much @johnb   and the last one please could be replace the peg-7-glyceryl cocoate for the PEG-100 Stearate? it'd have same effect or similar over the formulation?
  • Sorry for my poor english i'm from argentina I meant, What other component could be influence the 'hold' of the pomade? 
  • Johnb, yes, PEG-7 is peg-7-glyceryl cocoate and PEG-40 is PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil The origin of the formulation is an attempt at replication of "suavecito" hair pomade. The Formulation is not mine, i saw it of  a project of a colleg…
  • The remaining percentage is the amounts of Benzyl Alcohol and PEG 7 ( 2,5% and 4,9%) About beeswax , in the formulation isn't included  but i'll wanna know its influence if i'll would decide using it in the formulation  Chemist77 is clear  Thanks…
  • What determines the hardness in the formulation of the pomade? Maybe the amounts of beeswax?
  • Water                                    57%
 Propylene glicol                     3%
 Polysorbate 20                       2% Glycerin                              1,5% PEG 40                                  0,8 Polysorbate 80     …

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