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  • Thanks Bobz.. In my first formulation first I'll replace HP wax with palm wax and i will put some hydrogenated castor oil, further will discuss development of my project. thanks all.
  • Ok.. fine.. I will try to do trial as suggested by you.. Bobzchemist. what type of waxes should i used?? other than bees wax which also maintained translucency of my formulation too. 
  • Bobzchemist I agree with you but so many analgesic formulations are ointment based made with translucent petroleum jelly.
  • its high paraffin wax. CM-1000 is used as thickener (co thickener) its INCI as per BP is Cetamacragol 1000 (PEG 20 Cetostearyl Ether). IPA is isopropyl alcohol
  • Milliachemist I have done some trials with that PJ also but i could get the gel like feel and still it melts at about 40°C. have you seen vicks?? I am try to fomulate like that Product. Here is our formulation HP wax - 1.5% IPA - % CM- 1000- 1% Ca…
  • Hi Ella, thanks for your kind reply. I wan make gel formulation with petroleum base. i do not want to make cream or lotion and high mp waxes cant used in large amount cause it make formulation rigid & also its not good for skin.
  • Thanks a lot Bobz, Miliachemist & Perry. I will try all possibilities suggested by three of you. once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  • this is my formulation. the problem arising is about phase separation. I cant find out my reason behind phase separation. after homogenization the viscosity get dropped down & phase get separated even at pH 7. But with ZnO- 0.5% conc. get singl…
  • Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Fourth Edition says water biding capacity of Na salt of lactic acid & PCA founds to be higher than that of glycerine & sorbitol. How we can justify this terminology?
  • i.e. Natural Moisturizing factor
  • Currently I have Tata ZnO - Bare.
  • Ye definitely. I will also try ARLAMOL PS15E with Arlacel 2121 suggested by Bobz. But Bobz I cant use xanthan gum so is it fine if I replace this with Novemer EC - 2
  • Yes sure milliachemist. I will definitely try all the possiblities which suggested by you n Bobzchemist. Hope to make better innovative and most safest product for babies. If I used this  Isoamyl Laurate so is it need to keep other fatty acids (st…
  • Thanks to all for your precious & valuable comments & discussions. But I also to think about the cost of the product. As we are in herbal cosmetics we used these chemical RM's for just emulsification. as we are making this product for Babies…
  • Yes Bobz cause they have following information. Colostrum naturally contains a broad range of amazing immune boosters: immunoglobins, (IgG, IgA, IgM), hormones, enzymes, growth factors, peptides and nucleotides.
  • milliachemist I am talking about my products absorption & moisturization with silky satiny feel, that i missing in my formulation. about the ing. yes,, those are cetyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, stearic acid, olive oil, wheatgerm oil, seasa…
  • Thanks for your valuable response.I will definitely go through that sight. I would also like to share you that I have dropped the colostrum % from 5 to 3 but still there was same problem, the formulation turns yellow with unpleasant smell after thre…
  • Sure Bobzchemist
    in face cream Comment by Priya May 2014
  • If I wan to make preservative free cream with colostrum then what herbal ingredients should be added in my formula. 
  • Hello all, I am formulating cream with 5%, 7%., 10% colostrum powder. But my formulation is not stable. colostrum has its own type odour cause of no more perfume retained in formula even in 1% & very important query is that the formulation turns…
    in face cream Comment by Priya May 2014

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