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  • Have you considered enzymatic hydrolysis (saponification) instead of KOH then? This is certainly a natural process.
  • Hi Janette, This sounds very interesting. I have sent you a message outside of the forum which hopefully you have received.
  • Personally, I think it is comforting to know that there are Watchdogs out there looking out for consumer interests. Especially with a carcenogen like 1,4-dioxane.
  • Haha. Agreed with the first comment #johnb. I thought it was interestig as I guess the tattoo craze will end in the not too distant future. Not so easy to remove as a beard! I had a bit more of a read and see that these products might work to some…
  • Thankyou for your input. They sounded a bit unlikely to me. Cheers, Pete
  • So, presumably if they do not state that the creams contain an active ingredient, they are cosmetics because they are only changing the appearance of the skin - even though that entails removal of dyes?
  • @johnb Thanks for the clarification. I see now
    in Green tea Comment by Pete January 2017
  • I understand what you say. What I feel is the best approach (for me) is to look for a business partner. I am sure I could do the stuff involved in the day-to-day running of a business, but to be honest, it doesn't appeal to me. I'm much happier com…
  • @Belassi, Didn't want to scare you (just inform you). Kloe is completely right and I find the people, including in companies and universities very kind and helpfully whichever language you communicate with them in. Only situation I find difficult …
  •   The main language in Barcelona is Catalan (between Spanish and French). Everyone can speak Spanish, but it is expected that you attempt to learn some Catalan if you are here for a reasonable length of time (although I should add that I haven't at…

Hi David, 

You would think it would be like sending some mouldy bread!
However, in this day and age I think you are right that it should be sent
correctly. I will contact an ex-colleague and get …
  • Hi AnnaLavar, Regarding the 300 dollars, I'm basing this on the Debut Development LLC advert that appeared in another discussion. Essentially, if you don't want to produce your own cosmetics and would like to get very small batches of a few differe…
  • Belassi, Wow, you have done a lot! Relative to Mexico and Alicante it is fairly expensive, but it depends where you live. However, Barcelona is still seen as quite a cheap place to live. Since the crisis there are plenty of cheap apartments on t…
  • Hi Belassi, I was surprised to see that your book is based in England whereas you live in Mexico. Can't help but ask if you have lived there for some time in the past because it all sounds pretty realistic to me - especially having lived there most…
  • Hi David, that would be excellent! I would say a 100mg in total (including some of the microbe and some of the compound). If you send it in the post that will be great. I will make a glycerol stock and store at -70 degC then until I decide what to d…
  • Many microorganisms can be trained to accept different carbon sources as food and this is quite a common method of identifying biocatalysts for using industrially. As Perry said, life finds a way. In fact, yeast, trained to grow on resorcinol have …
  • Thanks heraklit and Babzchemist! Very useful
  • Thanks Johnb. This is just to get an understanding at the moment on what the absolute minimum costs and volumes could be to get some trial products produced without filling my kitchen, should I go down this route.
  • As this discussion already seems to have been hijacked by emily.flemer and being relatively new to the site, could anyone tell me if Debut Development, LLC are in fact unique in supplying small production runs either in the US or Europe? I would be …

Hi Donmattus, I haven't been following this discussion until
just now, but a quick look on the internet mentioned a relatively recent and successful clinical
trial using oral itraconazole (DOI: 10.1007/s40257-015-01…
  • Thanks Perry
  • Apart from testing for stability and viscosity how, if at all, is the stability of the active ingredient tested over the product shelf life (eg, VitC)?
  • I wish. I believe bee populations in the countryside have declines in most developed countries due to monocultures, pesticides and little space left for wild flowers. However, they appear to be thriving in cities - but I think I would want a tracker…
  • Hi johnb, why do you consider green tea as fairy dust. I thought it contains lots of antioxidants?
    in Green tea Comment by Pete January 2017
  • Yep, understand the point about the safe concentrations, but the same rational could be applied to salicylic acid - they assume that the products are applied correctly and that everyone's skin is the same. Anyway, I have enjoyed the discussion and …
  • Thanks for that info johnb. I was interested in one particular mosquito that has recently taken resident in our area. They don't bite me, but they love my wife and daughter. They even bite my daughter during the day at school. Of course, I was not …
  • Yep. I was surprised to see such an ingredient. Goes to show how important it is to look what's written on the bottle. Fortunate to them that most people don't (or can't if their eyesight is starting to go like mine).
  • Excellent. Thanks for the clarification Belassi!

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