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  • Sibech said: @Peppas_I basically you package the formulation to a cannister, add the dip tube-cap with a casket & seal it, then add the propellants afterwards (pumping them into under pressure). And just pumping propellants int…
  • MArchambault said: Did this in a lab a long time ago.  We made a thick gel with gums and then pumped in the propellant (butane/propane).  Then when it applies to the skin the propellant evaporates to create the crackling in the product.   …
  • Have not worked with montanov, and from a brief search couldn't find specifics about its exact emulsifying capabilities. Good pH for aristoflex. I would do some stress tests to determine stability, but without knowing the exact behaviour of the emul…
  • EVchem said: here's a sample formulation i saw on UL prospector that includes full procedure, I've never made anything like this but I've seen talk about it before I can see this formula with all the amount of silicone and gelling agents…
  • Pharma said: Good question, I wonder the same thing. Tried such a product once but can't remember what it was... I can remember that there was seemingly nothing "crackling" in the INCI. Probably the propellant plus a semi-stable foam which caus…

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