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  • I thought that nobody would write back to me, thank you very much, the product is starting to be stable, the only problem I still have is in the pigments of interference , as I increase the viscosity, it gets mud , but I think I will work it out now…
  • Of course , it is normal..... but I think that you can't give as much as you want, you can give e.g. 3-6%  if you have not pearl pigment but please remember to be well grated e.g. in castor oil.Titanium white rubbing is very important , it is best …
  • Can you send your formulation? We need to  have more information , we don't know what you used, maybe it is enough to reduce the amount of one light emollient for e.g. larger amounts of castor oil...... but there can be many reasons..........
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I am straightening my request and inquiry. 

It is my formulation: 

Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate  Intereference colour (20-100 pm) x
58.41 % 

Silica Wa…
  • I am straightening my request and inquiry.It is my formulation:Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate  Intereference colour (20-100 pm) x 58.41 %Silica Wacker HDK N20 X 3.095 %Mika Natural 5.841 %Pentaerithrytyl Tetraisostearate x 3.95 %Isostearyl Isosteara…

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