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  • @sibech I did realize I interpreted what I read initially wrongly and ended up getting btms50 to mix with my cetyl alcohol in my conditioner. And in what circumstances would the Panthenol in skincare draw out moisture? (So I can avoid this) I’m thin…
  • @Perry So after posting this I have read more articles and formulas where people did describe Panthenol as a marketing ingredient more then valuable in shampoos BUT you said you ran tests for its effects on hair in general? Does this mean that even …
  •  Thank you guys so much for your input
  • The Aloe Vera gel weighed to be 54g  coconut oil 48 g  cocamidopropyl betaine 53g  green tea 50g 
  • Thank you , I didn’t want to add the preservative yet until I figured out how to make the water and oil not seperate (to not waste product) because if I can’t I was just going to dump it and it makes sense all those ingredients serve no purpose in s…
  • Hi I’m Maria, I have been formulating for a few years now but have only recently come through breakthroughs in understanding the chemistry behind formulating and how the ingredients react together/in general on your body. I have been going to this f…

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