My name is Kyle Murray I am the founder of Oasis Grooming Company and vice president of Oasis Cosmetic Laboratories, a private label manufacturing facility and Lab located on beautiful Long Island, NY.


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  • Figured I'd update you guys on my progress in case it can help someone else out in a similar situation. We played with removing the tapioca starch with zero success, which led us to conclude that we have to homogenize. Homogenizing on the bench …
  • I don't think there is a one size fits all option here. I would say considerations are the size of the client, the quantity their orders, difficulty of the formula, mitigating loss if the client were to change manufacturers, etc.
  • Agreed, this is on par with the look we get with pearlizers.
  • ok, yes that is correct and likely why the cetereth - 20 was recommended by bill. Thank you for clarification
  • em88, Thank you, that ditectly answered one of my question above! Could you clarify what you meant by saying I am calculating using the required value?  Thanks!
  • Bill Thank you for your response, this is very, very helpful. Two questions: 1. If we add the cetereth-20, would we be able to consider that and the gms as our emulsification system and adjust percentage of each to reach a balance within +1? 2. O…
  • Thanks for confirming that. Regarding recalculating, did you mean my current HLB is wrong and that my math needs to be redone? Or did you mean that I will need to recalculate after replacing with tribehenin?  Thanks!
  • Perry, this is very helpful: Regarding Cetyl & Stearyl Alchohol, that's exactly what we were thinking, and it seems to imply that do not need to be calculated into the HLB ratio of our emulsifier blend. Do I need to consider Cetyl & Stearl…
  • Thank you for your response,  This does help clarify that part of it, and I've done exactly this outside of adjusting percentages, but could use clarification on the math The HLB Values of my emulsifiers/surfactants and percentage of emusifiers use…

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