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  • I find it bizarre and super yeah.. the word 'oil' doesn't show up in the formula..
  • @MarkBroussard Not lowering for the sake of fudging stability but for getting results for more reasonable conditions. If it's going to be stable at 45C then I'd like to keep the current formula and be mindful of temperature when shipping. Others se…
  • It might be too late for reformulation in this case. Maybe 50C is pushing it... I could try stability at 45C instead of jumping to reformulating maybe. I've had pretty great success with that emulsifier and I like the feel it imparts.
  • @MarkBroussard What would suggest as a replacement. The viscosity of the formulations are actually quite high though I'm actually having issues with separation so they won't go back once at RT.
  • Hmm, well if that is the case, lets say I'm shipping across North America, how important do you think stability at 50C is - with the knowledge that it can withstand F/T from freeze - RT- 50C?
  • The other components of the oil phase are liquid at RT, we heat to 70C before emulsifying oil and water phase and the emulsion is O/W. 
  • ^ Sorry and Glyceryl Stearate SE as well.
  • The emulsifier is cetearyl glucoside/cetearyl alcohol (melting point between 60C-70C) and there are some other thickening agents for the water phase. I'm doing a more accelerated F/T, from freezer to RT to 50C 3 times over and its going well after …
  • We used 50C throughout our development process and so for consistency sake we kept it at 50C. Would you say F/T is a better indicator of the stability of the emulsion?
  • @Chemist77 Oh good point!
  • Nothing in your formula looks to be particularly bad at trapping air. I would say its just an issue of incorporating too much air during production. Make sure a vortex thats reaching the blade doesnt form and if thats hard to prevent try using a baf…
  • A quick google search will give you some info on these ingredients - even wikipedia.
  • Is it just the top layer that's turning orange? Is the container closed or covered normally?
  • I've read a lot about this but more in terms of skin cleansing. What I read was that after cleansing with bar soap for instance it requires quite a long time to return to optimal pH which leaves the skin in a more compromised state for longer. My re…
  • @chickenskin Do you have xanthan gum in the formula? It can trap air pretty well.
  • Caprylhydroxamic Acid can react with free iron and cause a colour change. Maybe that is worth investigating? Caprylhydroxamic Acid is usually supplied in a blend, 1.1% pure of that is an enormous amount..
  • It could be trapped air escaping causing a bunch of little holes.
  • Natural ingredients are not pure- they are composed of hundreds of different compounds that are unidentified - fragrance molecules for instance. My mother works at a childrens hospital and you would be surprised how often parents tend to dip dirty h…
  • I'm not sure there really is a strong scientific basis to it. I notice with skincare especially, on the internet people tend to share their 'knowledge' like it's straight up fact...."Silicones will clog your pores and give you acne" for instance - a…
  • @Pharma, I see what you're saying. I don't have the % of lysolecithin in ecogel. I have Glyceryl Stearate SE, Emulgade PL 68/50 (Cetearyl Glucoside (and) Cetearyl Alcohol) and Tegosoft GMC 6 (PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides) on hand but that's abou…
  • Thanks for the comments @Pharma ! Unfortunately I can't share too much haha - but the peptide I guess is besides the point, it's more about creating a stable w/o emulsion. I was thinking of trying lecithin, I'll have to order it but I do have ecoge…
  • Hi @Pharma, this peptide is one designed by my company and it is water soluble but is glycosylated so it has a good degree of stability in water. It has amphiphilic properties so it can be dispersed in certain esters like mentioned above. Unfortunat…
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol; delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; Cannabidiol; Cannabinol; Cannabis Sativa Flower Extract; Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract are all prohibited in any concentration in cosmetics as per the Hotlist in Canada.
  • @zaki2005 These formulas contain papain and bromelain I believe. You could try adding those key ingredients to your search.
  • In cosmetics you need to use the INCI name. Coffea Arabica Seed Powder and Coffea Robusta Seed Powder are the INCI names for ground coffee beans of the Arabic & Robusta varieties. Depending on the source it can be the green beans or roasted.
  • There are many factors to consider when choosing an emulsifier for any product. If you provide a basic formula and what you would like to include, we can give you suggestions that fit those ingredients. Also a serum doesn't necessarily need to be an…
  • @MarkBroussard That's what I suspected. Thanks for your answer!
  • @lindacupples I think @Perry is asking why you want to specifically ferment them using lactobacillus.

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