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  • ngarayeva001 said: Again, it might be contrintuitive but oils in shampoos don't do what people normally expect. They don't make hair smoother but just supress lather and compromise stability. The feeling that you want is achieved by using right…
  • Doreen said: @Hina_Alam I found this document on the site of Lotioncrafter, hope it's helpful for you. (Under the section 'SDS & Tech data', the document I added is the 'technical bulletin'). Thanks a lot Doreen 
  • KateCreates said: I think you are going past the recommended oil rate for that emulsifier.  From the spec sheet: "Olivem 1000 has been tested in a percentage range from 2 to 8 % with a lipid phase from 5% to 25% at different polarity value."  …
  • Belassi said: A 500g sample of henna just arrived from India. I intend trying it as a temporary hair tint in shampoo. There's also another natural product I'd like to try, hibiscus flowers (deep purple-red) used commonly in the drink called 'Ja…
    in Henna Comment by Hina_Alam February 16
  • Perry said: Sorry if my response came off as sounding irritated. It wasn't meant that way at all. I wanted you to get answers that are helpful but without a specific question, it's hard to know what information would help. Thanks for bei…
  • @Perry  The research paper is really helpful  thanks 
  • Perry said: What information are you trying to find that you don't have? Your question is too vague to give a good answer.   Here is the safety information about SMLI - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5irtrckvue5w90p/SMLI-safety.pdf?dl=0 Keratin pr…
  • @001 Thanks a lot 5% SLMI with 5% coca betaine is working well for my hair except conditioning issue . will add polyquat and see . do you suggest adding keratin protein powder and panthenol 
  • I am not getting much information about SLMI except from the companies which are promoting this  how can I know more about this as this surfectant is relatively new in the market
  • ngarayeva001 said: Is SLMI anionic? If so, don’t use cetrimonium. 2% of polyquat 7 should work. And don’t use more than 5% of decyl glucoside (you can skip it at all). Silicones are nice but you can make a good product without silicones if use …
  • Belassi said: Just try it and see. That’s what I am doing wanted an expert guidance about what can I expect 
  • ngarayeva001 said: You will need a very strong preservative system with such approch. Hydrosols and infusions are bug food. I would recommend skipping it and adding a tiny amount of some plant extract for claims, unless you are willing to use p…

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