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  • Pharma said: Well, it could be that the top layer of "rust" has now been removed and there's no more iron coming off the container. That it starts at the top is fairly obvious: Abrasion is either pure steel or can be iron citrate which especia…
  • Pharma said: I second what @JonahRay said. You might have some wear of friction in the larger processing machine and caprylhydroxamate reacts with it to give that strong colour. I see. Would it help to transfer the contents to an H…
  • JonahRay said: Is it just the top layer that's turning orange? Is the container closed or covered normally? Yes, we notice it just starts as the top layer and then spreads to the whole or most of the jar. Are you asking about the plasti…
  • EVchem said: This is super interesting to me because we have seen something similar in a recent product as well, but not to that extent.  We have none of the same ingredients, our mixing is done in hdpe  containers but we do use a stainless st…
  • JonahRay said: Caprylhydroxamic Acid can react with free iron and cause a colour change. Maybe that is worth investigating? Caprylhydroxamic Acid is usually supplied in a blend, 1.1% pure of that is an enormous amount.. Yes, you are righ…
  • Also think it's relevant - Vitamin E - .65% (D-Alpha Tocopherol)  

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