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  • I have had no reported irritation from Geogard ECT, it is the preservative I use for all my emulsions. My skin is not really sensitive but I have test subjects who do have. I don't have any comparison info for hydrosol vs steeped, just an idea.
  • Have you tried a Rosemary Hydrosol? More expensive but convenient if it works. Other thoughts are milling the rosemary to a fine powder and mixing with your rye flour so you can store as a dry powder then hydrate as required. Possibly needing a bit …
  • I posted earlier trying to find out the difference between the ethanol in perfumers alcohol and the ethanol in methylated spirits. Given that in Australia  coles home brand  meths is only ethanol 95% and water 5% with no toxic denaturant added. I re…
  • Oops that should be Solubilizing 😀
  • I make small batches too, I'm wondering why preheating your mason jar is not an option to stop this "freezing". I add oil to water so it isnt a problem here because the hot water goes in first but if I was doing a water to  oil blend I would either …
  • Dr Catherine Pratt said: What type are you looking for? Natural or organic? I am hoping for something as natural as possible, acceptable to vegans. 
    in Germogard ECT Comment by CazP February 9
  • Thanks Catherine, The macadamia, jojoba and avocado oils are 30%. I tried Geogard at 1% and 3%.  Essential oils plus olivem is 5% so it was actually only a few drops of Lime and Lavender EO in the 100ml test batches but I only want it very lightly f…
    in Germogard ECT Comment by CazP February 9

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