Placenta extract Hi everyone. I am wondering if any one know about the useful of Placenta extract? Is it really useful for the beauty? Thank you!


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  • Thanks @Perry and @Belassi
  • Thanks every one.Yes as @Belassi, the pH is neutral . any one suggest What is the best pH range for a Brightening cream?@Perry, i just ordered a pH mete already, should have it in next some days.1 more question, what is the normal viscosity for a cr…
  • hi @ozgirlthe formula if for whitening+Anti Acne creamhere is the formula;Distilled Water          50.450 Aloe vera powder 200:1      0.280Xanthan Gum            0.300 VITAMIN B3 NIACINAMIDE 5.000JOJOBA OIL    4.000 Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid C…
  • @MarkBroussard, @MichelleReece I up load the image to photobucket. please help me to check if is something is wrong. here is the link
  •  @MarkBroussard, @MichelleReece my final pH is 6.2-6.5 . i tried both ways - first time i put  white willow bark(16:1) powder, Burdock root extract (4:1) powder in water phase and heat up 65ºC, When sample is finished , it look like not dissolved c…
  • my formula below: Distilled Water Aloe vera powder 200:1 Xanthan Gum VITAMIN B3 NIACINAMIDE JOJOBA OIL Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer Caprylic Capric Triglycerides  vitamin e natural C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate OLIVEM 1000 white willo…
  • Hi Perry , MichelleReece  i tried to make the sample again and found out that the problem caused fish eye (it getting bigger some day later) because of Burdock root extract (powder) & White willow bark extract(powder)(even i dissolved in warm wa…
  • Thank so much MarkBroussard 1 more question, pleas ehelp me. I am looking for the Acrylic Cream jar from They require for minimum 3000-5000 pcs. The problem i purchased some sample from ( and the quality is really bad), D…
  • Thanks Belassi I will go to the shop to have a look.
  • I use Ika overhead stirrer, Belassi can you send me brand, model  of the one you use?
  • Actually i just want to know because in Vietnam , many people use it ..
  • I will try it again MarkBroussard I will also try as  advice from chemicalmatt   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR (:
  • @ MarkBroussard  still be failed with 3% C12,15 Alkyl Benzoate  to reduce soaping ( no braking out any more, good news). Do you thing the big problem is Olivem 1000 which cause whitening effect when rub on? what is the best natural emulsifier that …
  • Thank you guys! I will try today :-*
  • Hi MarkBroussard Yes it is exactly as you said. less sticky now.  I still have 1 more question (involving from my first formula to now, however totally forgot to ask you in previous message.) 1.There is "jelly"( touch and feel) on my skin …
  • Hi MarkBroussard I am testing the formula as your suggestion for 3 days. I change a little bit. Xanthan Gum: 0.2% to 1.5% (I thought 0.2 is not enough to thicken). ( next time should reduce to 1%). Olivem 1000 6% to 7% Vitamin E T50 2% reduce to…
  • Thanks MarkBroussard ! You are great!
  • Hi MarkBroussard, What is big different between Glycol Stearate and Glycol Distearate ?i have search  on Australia supplier or in they only sell Glycol Distearate. Do you know where to buy Glycol Stearate ? Thanks !
  • MarkBroussard! I am much apreciated of your helps. You are so kind. I will make a practice follow your suggestion on 25th and I will let you know the result ( I must be brave to test on my face again (: )
  • Thanks Belassi. still wait for my face to be healed then will make the next test. Can you tell me what kind of color added in to make the cream is white color? ( there is Licorice Extract that brown color so my cream is not white... Thanks (:
  • Hi Belassi, Thanks for your info. My skin is sensitive, however i have been took care of it well. get back 1 month ago it was very smooth(Eating 0.5kg papaya every days???). I read somewhere it said Papaya is good for healing and whitening as well. …
  • Thanks a lot for your kindness and spend time for me MarkBroussard. I will try on it today (:

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