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    Thanks Matt!  I have been looking at Avery labels and the surface under the tub is concave so that should help.  When you say they were a "pain to work with" what do you mean.  Were they hard to work with your hands, peel from the sheets, properly attach, print properly?  I need to resolve this issue and decide on the proper option before purchasing labels that gives the best results without spending a ton of money and keep my customers happy with the appearance of the packaging which unfortunately has been an issue with the labels I selected from Online Labels.  Thanks for your help!

    Also, I happen to have an old Brother P-Touch label maker that I use to make a "Tester" label for samples in my store and I decided to rub some of the shaving cream on them and found that the laminated service protected the label from any damage from the pH of the product so I began looking again and found a bunch of options for small label printers.  The P-Touch uses laminated surface to print on so I am looking through all the available brands to see what I can find that is similar to any of these that will work for this purpose.  If you have any experience with any of these I welcome your input!  Thanks!
    January 9

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