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  • nabil
    where do buy the potassium cocoate for $0.65/lb?
    can you please send me the source.

    thx a a lot bro ;)
    February 2017
  • celine13009
    I have to make a crystal clear water soluble pomade. I have difficulties to get a strong hold and a crystal clear formula ! 
    I understand that I just have to add water with C-25 but it is not enough hold. I would like to improve that, so I want to add PVP but my formula became opaque and I have the impression that when I work it in my fingers it emulsifies (become white) ... 
    I don't have refractometer to get transparancy with plasticizers...

    Have you got some ideas ?? 

    My simple formula is : 

    Phase A (85°C)
    PVP K 30 powder

    Phase B (85°C)
    Ceteareth 25 (solids)

    Phase A into phase B 

    If I want to package my formula, I can add maximum 23% of C-25. 

    I am waiting for your answer. Thank you !! 
    January 2016
    • chemicalmatt
      Celine, this formula will not carry too much of any polymer as it is basically a surfactant solution not an emulsion as so many think it is. I have had success adding another nonionic co-surfactant (i.e. PEG-7 lanolin or other PEG ester) at very low concentration. It will be translucent, not clear though. Good luck.
  • Rosaletta
    I am looking for a company to fill sample packets for a gel. Could you please give me more information about the minimum order and price? Thank you.
    July 2015
  • marciokalil

    I'm from Brazil and I am setting up a men cosmetics company.I need to make a similar water soluble hair pomade like"Suavecito". Do you know that?Could you do that?Thank you

    February 2015
  • palanquin
    Hi, Perry suggested I contact you. I'm looking for someone to either bottle their own product in my bottles or their own product. Either way there is some hand finishing on the bottles.

    February 2015