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    September 13
  • GabeTech
    FYI - AMA labs and their CEO are on verge of being shut down and owner arrested due to fraud
    September 6
    • Microformulation
      Wow, I will have to watch as it progresses. I didn't send testing to them, but I had a colleague tell me that they did and their paperwork was "seized for evidence."
  • myalcin
    Thanks for your interest. We use homegenizer 2 or 3 times for several minutes during cooling. We read the Evonik's document. Although our formula and process is same with the documentation, we have this problem. Can we save this finished product or is it a waste?
    August 24
  • johnb
    Thanks for your detailed information.

    It's a number of years since I was involved in mainstream production processes but this was most certainly the way things were going when I was doing factory audits of contractors for own-label clients. Some, however, have fallen by the wayside by not keeping up with technical developments (including the one without the word processor).
    September 2016
  • tags
    Hello, I have been making bar soap for some time and also make liquid soap as well. I am about to start experimenting with sodium gluconate and potassium carbonate as a natural chelating agent for both. How similar in effectiveness does this bring a "natural" or true soap to syndet soaps? Also, I thought it was syndets that strip the skin of its sebum and not the other way around as BobZ had mentioned in the thread. 
    September 2016
    • Microformulation
      Keep in mind first off that a soap is not a Cosmetic. It is an interesting piece of trivia but when the original Cosmetic Act was written, the soap companies had enough influence to be exempted. As such most classically trained Cosmetic Chemists have a lot of academic knowledge regarding soap but not a great deal of practical experience.
      Next, "natural" means nothing. Use plant based or say naturally compliant while following a natural standard. Anything is natural since there is no legal definition. I could put gasoline in a spray bottle and say it is natural. Safety and the origin of the materials are unrelated.
      Syndet bars are actually better for the skin. A "soap", that being a fat saponified with a metallic ion (NaOH or KOH) must have a high pH (9-11.5). The normal pH of the skin runs in the range of 4.7 pH. As such the soap puts more stress on the skin. It is a minor issue with healthy skin but can be therapeutically significant in compromised skin. A syndet (using surfactants, not soaps) are lower in pH and can be adjusted to a more skin friendly level.
      This is the Science behind it. "Natural" is the marketing.
    • tags
      Thank you so much for the response.
    • Microformulation
      Remember also, a "syndet" bar based upon surfactants can use many more water soluble actives, allowing for more claims and benefits.
    • tags
      What textbook would you recommend for someone that is interested in formulating products like soaps, laundry detergents and deodorants? My biggest desire is more focused on understanding and knowledge rather than formulating.
  • Zolveria
  • IQNatha
    Good Afternoon Mr. Fuller,

    I appreciate that you took the time to comment in my post about preservatives. As I am new in this field, I try to learn as much as I can from the experts. I will consider all of your suggestions, and I will read thoroughly the presentation you posted.

    PS: I had to send you a private message, since I couldn't comment in my own post, don't know why.

    Best Regards,

    Nathalia Arbeláez
    Chemical Engineer
    March 2015
    • Microformulation
      No problem. Preservation is not as intimidating as you might think, but it does require some initial study. Even then it is constantly evolving and you will need to read JOurnals to keep up.
  • naturalista
    Hi my name is Monique. I formulate hair and skin care products. I am interested in perfecting my formula for a hair cream for curly hair and testing my products. I am a small business that started last year. I make All natural products. I try to use the safest preservative I can find. I would like to know how you charge for your services.
    March 2014
    • nasrins
      excuse me but your email addres is invalid.
    • nasrins
      no I solve it

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